How To Do Buttocks Exercises Correctly

Those glutes on one’s behind are considered one of the largest muscle groups in the body. Technically consisting of three muscles – the gluteus maximus or the main buttocks, and the gluteus medius and minimus comprising the hip muscles, your buttocks are linked to your low back muscles so that a good exercise regimen to shape them up require a good workout for the low back muscles as well.   There are various buttock exercises and they all can be done well by observing the following.

Step 1: Make sure to contract your glutes all throughout any exercise.  This will enhance the link between your buttock muscles and your brain and eventually allow a more focused and improved muscle contractions over time.

Step 2:  Take a rest when you can no longer feel the muscles you are working on.  This is a sure sign of muscle fatigue.  Once you have fatigued your butt muscles, you have achieved your exercise goal for the session and further workout repetitions will only result in lower quality exercise reps that may even compromise results.  Instead, take a break and shift to a new set of reps.

Step 3:  Maintain the natural curve in the spine so that the back and abdominal muscles provide support to you spine.  This neutral spinal position improves the effectiveness of your buttock exercises while reducing the stresses on the lumbar spine that could cause back pain or spinal injuries during workouts.

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Step 4:  Keep your hips level and still during butt exercises.  Hip movements are known to hinder consistent butt muscle contractions throughout the workout.  A number of butt exercises raise the hip of either legs or rotate the hip.  These movements decrease butt muscle involvement and could even unduly stress you lumbar spine.

Step 5:  Keep your butt routines to a controlled slow pace.  Abrupt, jerky or quick movements tend to call adjacent muscle groups to assist the main muscles you are working on which diminishes the effectiveness of the routine.  Moreover, such movements create the momentum of speed that increases the range of motion which uses muscles other than what you are working on. A slow set of movements for the glutes provide maximum results.

Lastly, never hold your breath while exercising since this will only shoot up your blood pressure and strain your heart.  Instead, breathe deeply, slowly and in rhythmic sync with your movements.  This applies to exercising your butt muscles and any form of exercise.  Deep breathing relaxes your glutes and support consistent contraction in the glutes for doing your butt exercises correctly.


  1. I’ve been working out and the buttocks part is kind of hard for me to accomplish. What’s more effective for the buttocks? jogging or the knee bending exercise?
    Can over-sitting make the buttocks flat?
    I would also suggest doing the “hip-hop” dance exercises. A lot of videos and demos can be downloaded and streamed in video streaming sites.

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