How Fitting A Steam Sauna Into Your Daily Routine At The Gym Will Improve Your Life And Health

Most of us have heard about a steam room and a sauna and we know that each of them comes with their own set of health benefits. To reap these benefits from both steaming and relaxing in a sauna people had to rotate their routines between the two, for instance one would take a steam bath this week and then go to the sauna next week just to get the best of both worlds. This is no longer necessary as today one can have a steam sauna installed in their home and kill two birds with one stone. Let us take a quick look at the benefits of a steam shower, a sauna and the two combined.


What is a Sauna

A home steam sauna releases hot dry heat into its cabin, this in turn begins to raise the temperature of your body. When the temperature of your body begins to rise, the blood circulatory system begins to circulate the blood around your body at a faster pace. This means that the heart has to pump faster to achieve this, increased blood flow in an individual helps to lower artery plaque. Artery plaques have been identified by doctors the world over as being one of the major triggers for heart attacks.

When it comes to the steam shower, there is wet heat in the shower cabin. Inhaling this wet heat is good for easing muscle soreness, it relaxes the muscle tension leaving them ready for a new workout after a short while. The moistness of this heated vapor also improves the flow of air into our lungs resulting in expanded airways. This is good for conditions like asthma and bronchitis that constrict airways.

Another major reason that people hit the sauna or steam showers is in a bid to lose excess weight. The sauna can help one shed off 500gm in just 10 minutes while a steam shower given the same time will help one lose 400gm. The sauna increases your heart rate making it equivalent to a light workout while the steam shower makes one sweat out the weight without working the heart.

On The Outside

When it comes to the effects they have on the skin, the two have opposite effects. While the steam shower will open clogged up pores through increased sweating, the sauna closes up pores in a bid to prevent excessive moisture loss. The steam shower therefore improves ones skin condition while the sauna does not.

Knowing the benefits of both the sauna and the steam shower, it becomes very obvious that having a steam sauna is one of the best ways to have your cake and eat it. With the steam sauna, you will be able to get regulated heat that lets you achieve all the above goals towards a better health. Regularly using the steam sauna will enable you to lose weight or tone your body, improve your circulatory system, boost your metabolism and have a great skin complexion.  Killing two birds with one stone has never been any easier.

Article written by Andrew Ellis from experts in home saunas and steam showers

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