Hiring A Female Personal Trainer

Female personal trainers are becoming just as popular within gyms as male personal trainers. Often women come to gyms and fine it a very daunting experience, particularly if they find their bodies unattractive and they don’t feel good within in themselves. The last thing that these types of women would want is a male trainer watching them do a sit-up and all their body fat crunching together. They would probably find this almost traumatic and this is one major reason why female trainers are now so popular.

Many women feel they can relate to their trainer a lot more if they are the same sex. They have the same physical attributes and women often get similar problem areas which may be very different from a man. For example, they often find the glutes is an area where a lot of fat is stored and also their thighs can be a big problem area with cellulite appearing in this area and being tough to get rid of. This is something that the client feels a female personal trainer is more likely to be able to understand than a male trainer, as they may have experienced similar problems in those areas even though they are doing physical exercise everyday being a personal trainer.

Female personal trainers are also a lot better suited to train females, again due to the fact that they can relate to the female body and can appreciate what exercises are more effective and more suitable for a female. For instance, women are much more comfortable using their own body weight and very light weights – anything ranging from 1kg to 7kg or 8kg. They may also like using things like the pilates machines. These are good for getting rid of cellulite. Women also tend to prefer very high aerobic exercises such as running machines or the bikes in the gym. This is because women are often much more focused on losing weight, which is often the opposite of what most men are trying to achieve, which is to pack a lot of muscle on.

female personal trainer

Another area on which female personal trainers can give appropriate advice is diet, as female personal trainers can relate to women and their lifestyles. A lot of modern women are constantly on the go and simply do not get time to make proper meals for themselves. Female personal trainers might be in a similar position and may therefore be able to give dietary advice based on how they plan their daily meals.

George McTiernan writes about female personal trainers on behalf of notinthegym.com

Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/europedistrict/5692787622/

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