Having a Virtual Exercise Partner is a Perfect Motivation

Staying healthy is not a one-time effort but it is something that man should develop as a habit. You know very well the essential things to staying healthy – balanced diet, adequate rest, and regular exercise. It is said that the more active you are, the longer your life will be. Simply put, both active and passive exercises are vital in staying healthy. It helps you maintain an ideal weight and delays progress of cardiovascular problems, chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertensions, or even cancer.

Benefits of Exercise:

1. Exercise boosts your mental prowess. As you exercise, serotonin and energy levels in the brain increase leading to improvement of mental function. It enhances mental clarity and alertness.
2. Exercise minimizes stresses in life. It brings your body into a relaxing state through positive distraction. It increases the level of your happy hormones which in turn prevents depression and elevates moods.
3. Endorphin levels are increased. As a result, your strength and stamina are enhanced. It keeps your energy levels high.
4. Exercise adds strength to your joints and muscles. It boosts your immune system which results to more resistance against life-threatening diseases. It prevents hypertension, arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, and a lot more.
5. Improves muscle tone.
6. Loosens fats.
7. Enhances one’s physique.
8. Exercise improves your cardiovascular system. It makes your heart stronger as more blood is pumped in every beat. This maintains a normal heart rate.
9. Exercise enhances one’s productivity level. Because your energy level and mental function are increased, your performance is also advanced.
10. Exercise helps build relationships.

Regular exercise means devoting at least thirty minutes of physical activity for five days a week. Keeping up with an exercise schedule is pretty hard especially if you do it alone. For exercise to be continuous and effective, one has to have the motivation and inspiration to stay fit. One key is to find the right and fitting exercise for your body weight, strength, and endurance. Aside from that, it is believed that people become more motivated and inspired to exercise if they have a workout buddy. For some people, finding one is relatively hard especially if they live alone. Technology continues to progress and so people started to use the internet as a resource. This paved a way for the virtual exercise partner.


Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/yourdon/4284212351/

Benefits of a Virtual Exercise Partner:

1. Having a virtual exercise partner boosts one’s motivation to exercise.
2. Duration of exercise is doubled.
3. Recommended extent of physical activity is met.
4. Partners record each other’s exercise details
5. One is able to compare his performance with his own.
6. Exercise progress becomes quicker.

Maintaining a regular exercise regimen is hard especially if you do not have the right motivation. It entails concentration, focus, and a really strong drive. Living alone, away from family and friends, is not an excuse for you to miss your workout sessions or stop your exercise regimen. You can easily arrange for a virtual exercise partner so you can continue on your goal to by physically fit and healthy.

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