5 Tips for Reducing Your Risk of Developing Diabetes

These days, people are developing diabetes at an epidemic rate. The sad thing is that many of these cases could’ve been prevented with proper care. Want to know how you can steer clear of diabetes? Here are five tips for reducing your risk of developing diabetes: Lose weight. This may be the single most important thing you can do to hedge your diabetes risk, and every single pound counts. Take healthy measures (proper nutrition and exercise) to lose any extra pounds you are carrying around. Remember that excess weight is one of the top causes of type 2 diabetes, so you cannot underestimate the importance of keeping your body at a healthy weight. What’s a healthy weight for you? Consult with a physician to find out.

Make healthy food choices. This is quite simple: if something isn’t good for your health, then you should only consume it minimally. There are some very easy habits you can develop when it comes to making healthy food choices. For example, drink water instead of sugar drinks, and pack a healthy lunch instead of going through the fast food drive.


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Exercise. The benefits of exercise, when it comes to preventing diabetes, are tri-fold: you lose weight, lower your body’s blood sugar level, and you increase your body’s insulin response, all at the same time. Getting as little as three, 30 minute walks in per week is enough to help you lose that extra poundage that could be putting you at risk for developing diabetes. Also, if you can get some resistance training in with your aerobics, you are decreasing your odds of developing diabetes even more.

Whole grains. Although the medical and scientific communities cannot pin-point the exact reasons for why whole grains work the way they do, the plain truth is that whole grains help your body maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Eat whole grain food alternatives whenever possible.

High fiber foods. Fiber aids your body’s digestive process, helping it maintain a healthy blood sugar level and lose weight. It also helps prevent heart disease, which is common in people who develop diabetes. Foods that are high in fiber include fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds, beans, nuts, and of course, those awesome whole grains.

As you can see, preventing diabetes comes down to making some very basic lifestyle changes. Fortunately, these lifestyle changes will also benefit you in a multitude of other ways, and completely improve your overall quality of life. Follow these tips for reducing your risk of developing diabetes. Your future, healthy self will thank you for it.

About the Author: Laveta Egelhoff is a medical assistant with a passion for sharing health and wellness information. She currently enjoys reading mainstream health publications as well as blogs by specialists like Yeastinfection.org by Eric Bakker.

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