Eye Problem? Could It Be Astigmatism?

You notice that lately, you’re having a hard time seeing clearly. Whenever you look at a certain object from afar, the object looks blurry and you have to go near to really see what it is. Sometimes you resort to rubbing your eyes hoping that somehow, your eyesight will be clearer. Unfortunately, it remains blurry. And so finally you go and see your optometrist. Maybe you need a prescription eyeglass, that’s what’s in your mind. Well, it’s not really that bad. People today wear eyeglasses, and it’s even considered fashionable and trendy.

So in you went at the doctors clinic, and after a series of “reading” tests where you were asked to read and identify very minute letters while your eyes were alternately covered – the right first, then the left. Then, he made you wear a funny-looking rounded eyeglass. He puts a lens, asks you to see if you can read the small letters projected on the wall. Then he removes the lens and replaces it with another one and asks you another question: “which is better, the first one or this one?” He does it a few more times and finally, your eye doctor says you have astigmatism. Then he tells you that you need to have prescription eyeglasses for your astigmatism. He says the eyeglasses will improve your vision, or how you see things. You agree one hundred percent! The trials you just had with the weird-looking eyeglass made you realize that indeed, the time has come for you to wear corrective eyeglasses. Then that’s it! He goes out the examination room and asks you to choose the frame that you like from the wide array of frames on display. No more explanation … just like that.

But you want to know more about your eye condition … but you’re too shy to ask. So here are some basic information on Astigmatism.

Astigmatism is …

It is an eye condition; a refractive error. Astigmatism happens to eyes that are not totally round, and this is very common to most people. Young and old alike can be afflicted with astigmatism. Astigmatism causes vision problems, and it can affect a person’s quality of life. With a vision problem, a person will have many limitations. Since vision or eyesight is very important, there is a crucial need to correct the problem of astigmatism.


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How Is Astigmatism Treated?

Vision problems caused by astigmatism can be remedied with the use of prescription glasses, contact lenses, as well as vision correction procedures such as refractive surgery. For minor astigmatism, some doctors will not require the person to wear prescription glasses, that is, as long as the vision problem will not interfere with the person’s normal functions and activities.

Another treatment for astigmatism is Refractive Surgery. The surgery is done to correct or change the shape of the cornea using refractive or laser eye surgery. There are, however, specific requirements before a refractive surgery can be done. One of these is that the eye that will be operated on must be healthy and free from problems of the retina. The eye should not have corneal scars and any type of eye disease.

Refractive surgeries can be very expensive, plus a little risky. Now, if you have astigmatism, there’s no need to worry; there is help. Whatever treatment you choose, always remember that your eyes are very important, so be smart in your decision.

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