Exercise Away From Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious problem throughout our nation, but luckily it’s something that can be curtailed with an increase of knowledge about the disease, as well as more emphasis on exercise and nutrition.

They Say You’re Prediabetic – What Now?

Finding out that you’re prediabetic is perhaps one of the scariest things you can hear, because it means that you’re headed down a slippery slope. And unfortunately, many people who are labeled as prediabetic do not know how to improve their lifestyles in order to avoid getting diabetes.
However, a new study found that exercise can actually improve your prediabetic condition and take you off the path to full-blown diabetes. This is a unique finding that shows diabetes is not all about glucose levels and weight loss, but about improved blood flow as well. The study, which focused on the fact that prediabetic patients have similar microvascular dysfunction as those with diabetes, was led by researchers at Baystate Medical Center in Massachusetts.

Study Shows Positive Impact of Exercise on Stopping Development of Diabetes

The results showed that participation in a six-week aerobic exercise program helped to improve cardiovascular function, improve cholesterol levels, and decrease the number of inflammation throughout the body.

What does all this mean? Essentially, it means that prediabetic patients who engaged in regular aerobic exercise for six weeks were able to improve their overall health and reduce their risk factors for getting diabetes. The same results are not possible in people who already have diabetes.
One interesting fact is that those participating in the study did not see significant weight loss, fat loss, or decrease in blood pressure, tbue the improved blood flow had a huge positive impact. This could have great implications for the future of diabetes medicine, which has traditionally focused on glucose levels, but should start incorporating things like blood flow as well.

Dr. Sabyasachi Sen, who helped with the study, indicated the study was to test the impact of exercise on vascular reactivity, beyond just glucose control. He did not expect to see any difference between prediabetics and diabetics, but was pleasantly surprised. In fact, what they found was exercise can return vessel function back to normal for prediabetics. Diabetics receive up to half the benefit of exercise as the prediabetics.

Prediabetic? Start Exercising Now!

What does this mean to you if you’re prediabetic? It means you should get on a good exercise plan as soon as possible – whether you find the best elliptical machines, treadmills, and weights and set up a small gym in your home; join your neighborhood fitness center; or take group exercise classes.
Regardless of how or where you choose to exercise, the simple fact that you’re taking proactive steps can help you avoid diabetes and many of the other health problems that follow. In the end, starting a regular exercise program can eventually even save your life.

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