Essential Health And Safety Checklist For Small Businesses

Creating the right environment for your employees is vital. Making sure your business premises are kept hazard free, that staff receive the right level of training and that all health and safety checklists are completed will not only help protect your bottom line but will also help keep for happy motivated staff.

Here we highlight the essential small business checklist

  • Make sure all walking surfaces are clean and tidy – Ensure your workplace environment is kept clear of debris and clutter. Your employees need a space to work in and having a cleaning routine will help to minimise workplace injury.
  • Slips And Spills – Make sure you have the right flooring for your business. Investing in an entrance mat for medium to high traffic buildings can trap dirt, debris and moisture from entering your building. As well as preventing falls and trips, this can also help create the right impression for visitors. Make sure employees are proactive about cleaning spills and they receive the right kind of training of what to do in preventative care of spillages (erecting hazard signs, identifying the cause and cleaning effectively).
  • Lighting – All areas of the building should have adequate lighting. Make sure you routinely check all lighting. Poor lighted areas can stop employees being able to see potential risks such as stairs or other hazards.
  • Stairs – Stairs are especially dangerous. Make sure they are slip free, are well lit, and have sturdy handrails. Keep all stairs clear, especially fire exits.
  • Training – Training is a big part of any business regardless of the industry. All new employees should be given basic safety training as well as any special job specific training such as safe lifting. You should make sure that everyone is aware of any emergency evacuation plans and all training documentation is available and is kept current.
  • Ergonomics – Ergonomics play a big part in the health and safety of employees. Work place fatigue or repetitive strain injuries can cause a lot of problems for the business owner. Make sure your employees take frequent breaks that their equipment is set up for optimal health and safety best practices and office equipment such as chairs and anti-fatigue mats are placed in appropriate areas.
  • Fire – An extremely important part of a health and safety checklist. Make sure all emergency exits are kept clear and that any emergency exit signs are well maintained and well lit. Frequently check fire alarms and extinguishers should be annually inspected. Keep all corridors and stairways clear and debris free.

Neil Maycock writes articles for Entrance Mats Direct providers of entrance matting systems.

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