Effectively Preparing for Upcoming Breast Implants

Breast implants are one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries available, with millions of women having gone under the knife to boost their natural bust size. Breast augmentations have been commonplace procedures for several decades, allowing the surgery to advance and embrace new technologies to ensure the health of women who opt for these surgeries. Before undergoing a breast augmentation, it is important to thoroughly prepare for the emotional and physical repercussions of such a surgery. This will help ensure that the results of the surgery meet the patient’s expectations, and the entire process goes as smoothly as possible.

Practical Considerations

After undergoing breast augmentation, patients are advised to avoid heavy lifting and strenuous physical activity. This can be a challenge for busy women who have many responsibilities resting on their shoulders. In order to make the recovery period as easy as possible, it is important to think ahead. Stocking the fridge with groceries, completing household chores, and choosing comfortable clothing before the procedure will help to ensure that the recovery time is as peaceful as possible.

Medical Factors

Receiving breast implants is much like undergoing any other serious surgery. In anticipation for the surgery, the plastic surgeon may choose to provide the patient with a prescription for an assortment of different medications. If the patient has any concerns or questions about the surgery or recovery process, it is important to voice those issues before the procedure takes place. This will provide the woman undergoing surgery with peace of mind, and will also help the doctor to address any problems that could potentially interfere with the surgery.

Physical and Emotional Preparation

Women receiving breast implants will likely need to consult with their doctor to determine what physical steps should be taken to ensure that the surgery is a success. The patient may be required to abstain from food or drink before surgery, and may also be advised as to whether physical activity would be beneficial to the process. Patients should also ask their doctors about what to expect physically during the recovery period, which will allow them to better prepare themselves for the weeks ahead.

Some women experience intense emotional reactions to the breast augmentation itself, the results of the surgery, or the ensuing recovery. It may be a good idea to keep a journal that can help serve as a coping tool. Some women also choose to see a counselor or therapist in the weeks leading up to and following their surgery. This can help the patient to sort through any emotions tied to the breast augmentation, and can be particularly beneficial for patients having their breasts reconstructed due to medical reasons.

Breast implants can have a dramatic impact on a woman’s overall appearance. Choosing to undergo a breast augmentation should not be taken lightly. Instead, it is important to thoroughly research available options and determine if surgery is the right solution for the patient in question. Should surgery be the best option, preparing for the event will help make certain the augmentation is successful.

This post was provided by Linda Wilson, a recent breast implant patient. She had her breast implants Montreal procedure done at the Cdn. Institute Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, which she recommends for the expertise of the staff working there.

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