Drinking Water – Why It Should Be Filtered

You hear often about how filtered water is ‘purer’ or more beneficial than the tap or bottled variety and the good points stretch considerably further than you may have thought.

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Protection from harm

The water that comes from your tap can contain a number of wholly undesirable agents. The toxins sometimes found can be a contributory cause of gastrointestinal disease and eliminating the chlorine can lower the risk of a number of different cancers such as bladder and colon. You can also find lead in the water, accrued in the process after it passes away from the treatment centre towards your home, whereas if it is filtered you greatly remove the risk of this problem. Furthermore, in the cases of weakened or growing immune systems it is extremely better to have filtered water.

Internal benefits

Filtered water helps hugely in detoxification of the body by giving your kidneys the purity it requires to clear out harmful toxins and to ensure your urinary system runs as well as possible, while also helping to combat the threat of bladder infection. Water is vital and especially so in digestion, with filtered water you help to safeguard against excessive absorbing of sugars and also help to keep your digestive system working correctly as a whole. Healthy water is crucial as well to your metabolism, it can help to prevent headaches and is a far better option than unfiltered water in baby formula for example.

Aesthetic benefits

Of course your health and wellbeing are the most important aspects but the benefits of filtered water extend outside of this, to your appearance too. Taking chlorine out of the equation can result in brighter and softer skin and a filter for the house means that your shower will help your hair as well as the chlorine will no longer be drying it out leading to more shine and vigour. Besides the help filtered water can give to your skin and hair it can perhaps surprisingly also give you much stronger and healthier nails.

Heavier pockets

If the above benefits are not enough to convince you that filtered water is the best option then perhaps the positive effect it can have on your bank balance will help to sway you some more. Shelling out for bottles of water can be eliminated if the pure and filtered product comes straight from your tap so a worthy investment it could well prove to be.

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