Do You Know What Happens When You Sleep Too Much?

For many people, sleeping longer than necessary is a luxury. Some people, especially those who are sleep- deprived because of the nature of their work, feel strongly about being able to sleep more than the normal 7 to 9 hours per night, and they are often heard saying they’d give anything to be able to sleep longer. On the other extreme end of the spectrum are the people who have all the time in the world to sleep as long as they want. Maybe they don’t have to work long hours just like any normal adult who works for a living. Maybe these people are well provided for, or they simply have the means to afford to sleep longer.

Well, sleep is very important and it is the body’s way to get the rest it needs to be able to recharge and repair. According to medical experts, a normal adult person needs at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. But what happens when a person sleeps more than the normal sleeping hours? Is it true that it will do the body good? Let’s find out!

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Is It Good or Bad?

Surprisingly, health experts are saying that sleeping too much can actually cause the development of some serious medical problems such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, depression, back pain, headaches, and even death.

Obesity – Do you know that studies suggest that people who sleep longer than 10 hours every night have a greater chance of becoming obese? In one study alone, they found out that people who oversleep have a 21% chance of becoming obese.

Heart Disease – In another study involving 72,000 women, it was found out that women who slept longer than the normal 8 hours were more at risk of developing coronary heart disease. In that study, the result showed that women who slept nightly for 9 to 11 hours were 38% more likely to develop coronary heart disease than women who slept for only 8 hours.

Diabetes – Some studies have also shown that oversleeping or sleeping more than 8 hours per night greatly increases the risk of developing diabetes.

Depression – According to health and medical experts, people who are depressed are generally observed to sleep longer than normal. Unfortunately, oversleeping is not really helpful in resolving the depression. On the contrary, it makes the condition worse.

Back Pain – Sleeping or lying down in bed for a long time will cause lower back pain or back pain. In the past, people who had back pains used to lie down in bed and sleep in the hope of making things better or feeling better. They were advised by their doctors to lie down in bed for relief. Doctors today, however, agree that sleeping or lying down in bed will not help ease lower back pain. They are also saying that it even makes things worst. Today, people with back pains are advised to move and do minimal exercise to alleviate the pain.

Death – Several studies have found that people who sleep longer than the normal 9 hours every night have a significant higher death rates compared to people who sleep for 7 to 8 hours every night.

Well I guess nobody wants to get sick because of oversleeping, so let’s rise and shine everyone!

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