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Approximately 12% of women in the US will develop breast cancer. This frightening statistic is accompanied by the fact that one in 1,000 males are at risk of developing the life-threatening disease too. Despite this, between 1999 and 2005 statistics indicated a 2% decrease in the number of diagnosed cases. The reason for this decline in the number of people being affected by the disease is due to awareness being raised through the use of promotional products. Whether you want to raise awareness alone or as a group, there are numerous ways to express the importance of fundraising and donating to breast cancer charities.

Fundraising Products

If you will be holding a fundraising event in the near future, consider purchasing promotional products that can be sold. Funds raised from each purchase can then be passed on and when used, others will gain knowledge on the ways in which raising money can make a difference. Lapel pins can be worn at any time, as can bracelets and T-shirts. If your fundraising event will involve a sponsored walk or run, consider selling memory ribbons that can be attached to clothing, sunglasses, sports bottles, shoelaces and pedometers.

Gift Products

Organizing a raffle is an effective way of getting people together to raise awareness. Gift baskets and raffle packs look appealing and money earned from selling raffle tickets will cover the cost of gifts, with enough left over for breast cancer donations. Awareness pens can be sold for players to use for games such as bingo and custom imprint products will make winners feel special. Other ideas for prizes include jewelry, key chains, cell phone pouches, Kindle and iPad cases, journals and gift boxes.

Advertising Products

To attract people to your event, you should display your enthusiasm for fundraising. Planners and calendars can be handed out prior to the event taking place and not only will this influence people to spread the word but also, this will increase fundraising presence so that treatments can be developed to rid the disease. Alternatively, calendars can be pinned on walls in supermarkets and other businesses.  This is important because it may boost the possibility of the target audience viewing these products.


Educational Products

Sometimes, spreading the word is not enough. Products can be purchased for educational purposes too and when used in teaching environments, this will have a major impact on the amount of money that charities raise. In addition to this, people will begin to understand the risks of the disease and how they can fight to stop it. Using promotional products as everyday items such as water bottles, shopping bags, credit card magnets, mugs, snack containers and gloves will advance recognition for the disease on a daily basis.

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