Cosmetic Dentistry- What Are The Options?

Most of us have little niggles about our teeth. Whether they are a little discoloured or slightly wonky, these things can affect our self confidence and our self esteem. To most people these small things are probably not even noticeable, but many of us our self critical and feel the problem is bigger than it really is. When you have issues with your own teeth you know they can affect you every day. Some of us don’t feel confident when it comes to smiling and talking freely. There are options to ensure you feel confident with your smile.

Whitening And Colour Correction

There are lots of options when it comes to correcting discolouration of our teeth, from home kits to professional treatments and even makeup tricks. Unfortunately over time we will all suffer from staining on our teeth, this is mostly unavoidable but you can avoid drinks such as wine and coffee which are known for staining.

  • Home Treatment- There are several options when it comes to bleaching our teeth ourselves. This is generally a cheaper option with kits ranging from £20 to £100. This is often only a long term fix if you are committed to it and most kits expect you to do the treatment on a daily basis. Home whitening is a big commitment but can have great results. Ensure you find a product which is right for your needs.
  • Professional Treatment- Putting your smile care in the hands of a professional is always going to result in better results. You will be able to decide how white you want to go to by having a consultation prior to your appointment. Whitening treatments start at around £100 and can have longer lasting effects than at home kits.
  • Tricks- If you’re unsure about whitening your teeth there are some tricks you can try to make them look whiter. Try putting a little red food colouring on a toothbrush and buffing it into your gums, sounds odd but it really works! You can also trick whiter teeth by wearing a blue based lipstick, or wearing bronzer where the sun would naturally hit your face.

Improving shape and straightening

For those of us who had braces as a child you will know the pain and stress it can cause. Not only are braces as adults very expensive, they are all inappropriate due to having to wear them for several years. There are other options-

  • Aligners- Aligners are the invisible and cheaper option when it comes to straightening teeth. The aligner looks like a retainer and is generally used to straighten the front teeth. Usually around £1000 per row, this is a much cheaper option compared to the standard ‘train track’ braces at around £3000.
  • Veneers- A very permanent option, this is the choice of many celebrities. Veneers include filling down the tooth to add a veneer that is a better shape and colour. This is used to improve the tooth shape, cover chips and sometimes to make teeth appear straight also.

Eilidh MacRae is writing on behalf of Smile Care and would reccomend them as a cosmetic dentist in Plymouth.

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