Construction Safety Training – Provider Checklist

For those working in the construction industry – whether as company owners or managers and employees, safety is a key issue.  The industry is well known for being one of the more dangerous in which to work.  The safety record in construction has improved radically over the years and this has been helped by a keen awareness of the needs for strong, robust procedures and working practices.  For many firms, finding the right training is a high priority but with many providers offering construction safety training, where do you start and how do you choose a firm to train your staff?

Basic Principles

When choosing a training provider you need to assess the needs of your company carefully.  This will include considering who needs training and to what level.  Owners, managers and workers all have different levels of responsibility and it’s important to be sure that all of these needs are met.  Finding a firm that can offer a range of training at different levels is important.  For any construction industry training, you should also confirm that the provider has previous experience in the industry and, if possible, if the trainers themselves have direct experience of working on construction sites.

Trainer Checklist

There are a number of simple things that you can ask your potential providers that should help to establish if they have appropriate experience and can provide the training that you need for your company.

  • With many providers on the market it’s important to check firstly that they have the right qualifications to deliver your training; this may seem obvious, but not all providers may have exactly the qualifications you will require.
  • Check if there are available references from previous clients.  Some training providers will offer courses for a range of industries, so try to get references from previous construction firms.
  • Many safety training providers offer courses for a specific sector of construction or for different sized companies.  Ensure that the provider has adequate staffing to cover your needs, especially if you run a larger firm, and that they can deal with all your training needs.
  • SMSTS for managers, or a SSSTS course for supervisors, are absolutely crucial within the construction industry and it’s important to be sure that your provider has these courses available and qualified staff to deliver them.

General issues that it’s worth checking up on include; who will your main contact be at the firm and what level of progress reporting and feedback is available?  In addition, follow up courses, specialist training courses and the ability to train large groups at your own premises are also useful aspects to check on.  Some providers may be able to offer training in a number of administrative roles as well as technical areas.  This can help if you need safety training for office premises as well as construction sites.

Policies in Practice

As a construction firm owner you have a number or legal responsibilities which include preparing a “Health and Safety” policy.  A good training provider will be able to offer advice and information on how to prepare this document.  The policy should include full details of who conducts what safety function within the business and how and when risk assessments are carried out.  In addition to standard training it’s important to continue regular assessments to see if further training is required for existing staff, for new employees or for those changing roles within your company.  Safety training is a crucial part of running a construction firm and it can offer peace of mind and avoid running unnecessary and potentially costly problems.

All employees and employers working in the construction industry should undertake relevant safety training.  From a SSSTS course for supervisors to simple day to day assessments, safety is crucial in one of Britain’s more dangerous industries.

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