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There is, unfortunately, quite a large percentage of the population in any country that goes through depression. Generally speaking depression strikes almost any individual at some point of time in life. Worries regarding one’s job, family, health issues and tragedies and crises can all cause depression. However sometimes people are able to come out of it with counseling, support of family and friends and even therapy and medication. But sometimes depression can become quite a serious problem. It is also true that chemical imbalances in one’s brain can lead to depression. The seriousness of clinical depression needs to be combated with effective medication and psychological counseling as well.

One of the drugs that is used to manage treatment resistant depression is called Adderall. The main indication of this drug is the treatment of ADHD and narcolepsy. But because of its action on attention deficit hyperactivity, Adderall has been found to be effective in treating depression as well. However, there is enough evidence to suggest that the drug itself can cause depression in a few cases. It is therefore imperative that usage of this drug be done only under the strict supervision of a qualified doctor. And it is also imperative that a doctor keeps track of his patients and their reaction to Adderall.

adderall depression

Every drug needs to go through intensive clinical trials before it is introduced for use. In the case of Adderall XR, one of the studies was done on 1315 participants. The clinical trials were conducted in two parts. There were single-dose clinical pharmacology studies and open label chemical studies. The results of the studies and data that was generated from the studies was collected and analyzed across aspects such as adverse reactions and other lab tests as well. Some of the adverse reactions in the study included weight loss, insomnia and a small percentage of the participants showed depression.

When Adderall was used in a four-week study, its main adverse reaction was insomnia. This study was conducted on adolescents who had been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. Insomnia showed up as one of the reactions or fallouts of usage of Adderall when the participants were adults with ADHD. The catch 22 situation of Adderall depression treatment though effective but also resulting in depression is something that needs to be managed very carefully by a doctor. Some of the side-effects of Adderall include insomnia as stated before, anxiety and mood changes. And in many an individual such symptoms can lead up to depression.

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