Can I Use Denture Cleaner for Invisalign Braces

Invisalign braces are clear plastic trays designed to fit over the teeth and gently move them into alignment creating a great looking smile. These braces are often preferred by adults who did not have braces in their youth. They can correct dental problems without the typical metal mouth look of standard braces. The trays are removed from the mouth for cleaning as well as when eating or drinking. They should be left in place overnight for best results. Cleaning can be accomplished in several ways, including the use of denture cleaner.

Cleaning with the Invisalign Cleaning Kit

The manufacturer of Invisalign braces offers an official cleaning kit. The trays are soaked in the supplied covered cup with water and the cleaning crystals. The kit includes the cup and 50 packets of crystals at a cost of $75. Refills of 50 packets of crystals only are $50. Braces are placed in the cup while eating and ready for use again within 15 minutes. Follow the label directions when using the cleaning kit.

Cleaning Trays With Toothbrush

A second and less expensive method to clean the trays is using a toothbrush. Before inserting the trays back into the mouth, simply brush using warm water to remove any buildup since the last cleaning.

Cleaning Trays With Denture Cleaner

An effervescent denture cleaner can also be used to clean the trays. The bubbling action helps to lift off any buildup and reduce stains. The tray should be rinsed thoroughly after soaking before replacing in the mouth. While the directions for dentures may suggest soaking overnight, best results with Invisalign braces are seen when they are left in place overnight. Therefore, just use the cleanser to clean the trays while eating or drinking.

Trays should be cleaned using denture tablets or the manufacturer’s crystals at least once per day. They may be cleaned using a brush after each meal or as is convenient for the wearer. Before reinserting trays into the mouth after eating, they should be rinsed.

When eating, many patients are tempted to wrap the braces in a napkin. Unfortunately, many who take this action find the napkin is thrown away with the tray inside. Users should avoid wrapping the trays so they cannot be seen. The trays should be stored in a case when not in the patient’s mouth.

Although it is acceptable to drink water with the tray in place, darker liquids, including soda, coffee, tea and wine can cause staining. The tray should be removed or the patient should use a straw to avoid problems. Keeping staining drinks off the braces ensures they remain looking great the two weeks they will be used.

There are several methods recommended for cleaning Invisalign braces. One of the easiest is soaking in denture cleanser while eating. Always rinse the tray before inserting back into the mouth.

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