Can Chocolate Help Make Your Skin Shine?

One of the world’s largest and renowned chocolate company asserted that it is on the verge of manufacturing chocolate bars that might combat wrinkles as well as slow down the natural ageing process. This is sure to make a latest health food group that is about to tap in the appetite for a healthy living.

According to a research, consuming 20 grams, i.e. 0.755 oz of a specially made chocolate loaded with flavanols or antioxidants every day might help to prevent the onset of wrinkles as well as make your skin radiant by augmenting and enhancing the hydration.
In fact, consumers today are becoming aware of all the nutritional value or content in what they consume and thus, chocolate makers too are coming up with healthy living.

Dark chocolate already has been proven to have many health benefits such as lowering the blood pressure levels as well as curbing the occurrences of strokes. It is all due to the antioxidants content in dark chocolates.

A few Swiss based chocolate companies have come up with a spectacular way to preserve the important flavanols available in cocoa beans during the manufacturing process. This allows the companies to make chocolate bars having rich amount of flavanols.


Health and chocolate might not seem to gel in together, but the proposition is very interesting. In fact, if you eat something that you love and it is healthy, then it is simply great. A few people also say that chocolate is perhaps not on top of the list when it comes to healthy foods.

Lack of sleep, caffeine, pollution and smoking all contribute to the production of free radicals in our bodies, which are highly lethal for healthy cells as well as boost up the aging process. On the other hand, flavanols have been proved to slowdown the damage to our body caused due to free radicals.

This is the reason why many food-manufacturing firms are influencing wellness and health into several food products and thus, there is certainly a potential market for chocolate in wellness and health.

At present, a trending chocolate industry, which consists of diet and organic chocolate, is witnessing a doubled growth particularly outperforming the 1% to 2% growth that is currently noticed in other chocolate markets. However, a few experts are dubious pertaining to the positive consequences of flavanols on your skin.

Apparently, it is being evidenced that cocoa flavanols do have a positive influence on blood flow in our bodies. They can lower your blood pressure leading to a positive effect on your cardiovascular system.

Further, the possible results on cognitive performance and skin are not quite established yet. There are evidences, but they are less consistent. It might be that this effect on out blood flow is also something, which improves skin health and memory according to a few studies.

So now that you know that chocolate too has penetrated into the healthy food groups. However, make sure that choose a good and healthy chocolate as well as intake in moderate amount and not in excess.

This health article is written by Manoj. He also writes articles on home décor for his blog.

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