Boost Self-Esteem with Diabetes-Friendly Fashion Choices

Combining fashion with diabetes may not be an intuitive notion at first, but a number of innovative companies are now designing clothing and accessories specifically to help patients with diabetes feel more attractive while managing their disease. Colorful scarves and designer insulin pump cases provide added flair and color for some patients. For others, sensible and fashionable shoes provide extra support and encourage proper circulation. Some men find that a small leather satchel can offer an attractive and discreet way to manage diabetes supplies and equipment. These items are practical, appealing and offer an ideal indulgence for that special someone with diabetes.

Insulin pumps

For many diabetes patients, an insulin pump is the most effective way to manage their blood sugar levels on a daily basis. Combined with a continuous blood sugar monitoring device, the pump delivers precisely the right amount of insulin when it is needed to manage expected spikes in glucose levels in the bloodstream. Depending on the type of clothing worn, insulin pumps may be concealed in a pocket, under a scarf or tucked into an undergarment. Since most insulin pumps require patient input, however, the buttons should not be obstructed or easily pushed and should be reachable in most situations. Some companies sell designer insulin pump cases that complement other clothing choices and serve as fashion accessories for the entire ensemble.

Continuous glucose monitors

While the sensor portion of the continuous glucose monitoring system is typically concealed under clothing, the receiver may be too bulky to fit easily into a pocket or small purse. A small leather satchel or shoulder bag can sometimes provide a safe location to store this device. Padded belt packs are also available. Be sure to look for waterproof storage containers in order to protect against accidental damage to the receiver in heavy rain or other wet environments. In some cases, a waterproof plastic case can provide adequate protection and can be stored in a purse or satchel for discreet but effective monitoring of blood sugar levels throughout the day.

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For many diabetes patients, wearing the traditional unattractive shoes and socks designed to promote circulation can be a daunting prospect. Fortunately, modern diabetic shoes and socks are far more attractive and are available in a variety of colors and styles tailored to suit modern fashion trends. While stiletto heels and flip-flop sandals may not be practical, patients can choose from a much wider selection than previously available.

The added fashion choices available to diabetes patients can boost spirits and enhance self-esteem. By incorporating these diabetes-friendly accessories, shoes and items of apparel into their existing wardrobes, patients can enjoy a wider selection of clothing choices that not only look great, but are designed to promote better health, as well.

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