What to Do if Your Butt Implant Ruptures

Butt implant operations are becoming quite a popular type of cosmetic surgery procedure. However, some patients do encounter certain side-effects or complications after a butt implant. One of the less common, yet possible, complications is the rupturing of a butt implant. Here’s what to do in case you encounter butt implant rupturing:

Step #1: Understand the complication.

Hopefully you have been made aware of butt implant rupture as a rare but possible complication after your surgery. If not, however, it’s important to know what butt implant rupture is. Butt implant rupture is when a semi-solid or liquid based butt implant ruptures and leaks due to too much pressure being placed on the implant.

Step #2: Understand how critical butt implant rupture is.

Butt implant rupture is a very serious complication, which can possibly lead to other complications if it is not dealt with immediately. This is why it is always important to follow the doctor’s orders after your surgery, to avoid chances of complications occurring.

Step #3: Get help.

Whether you decide to call out a relative in the next room or you pick up the phone to call the police, it is imperative that you get help as soon as you find out that your butt implant has ruptured. Whoever comes to your aid should be made aware of the situation and what has happened.

butt implant ruptures

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Step #4: Get to the hospital.

Butt implants that have ruptured should always be replaced or removed as soon as possible. Try to get to the nearest hospital or clinic, so that they can assist you in any way they can. The most important thing is that the ruptured implant is removed from your body to avoid further complications.

Step #5: Get a replacement.

If you still want to go through with your butt implants, you may want to consider getting solid or semi-solid butt implants. It is said that neither solid nor semi-solid implants rupture.

Tips to lessen the chances of your butt implant from breaking

– Make sure not to apply excessive pressure on the implants.

– Avoid sitting or leaning against objects or surfaces that may puncture your skin in the implant area.

– Make sure that you make a smooth recovery to ensure the proper healing and placing of the implant operation area.

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