What Do You Do If You Have Small Breasts?

During the Middle Ages, a small breasted woman is an epitome of beauty.  Today, however, it’s the opposite, as modern society glorifies women with big breasts.  Physical appearance really matters a great deal in today’s society that those who do not meet the present standards of beauty see themselves as unappealing and inferior.  Many who are not well-endowed undergo surgery to alter their figures. Breast augmentation is one of the methods through which women can enhance their chests.  However, if you believe that altering your figure through surgery is wrong or dangerous, you don’t really have to worry because there are things you can do to deal with small breasts.

Dealing with small breasts

It is said that “beauty is not one’s own, but a reflection of one’s culture.”  So if you have small breasts, don’t let it make you feel bad about yourself.  It’s not you who has the problem, it’s the society’s eyes that are defective.  Having small breasts actually has its benefits.  For one, women with large breasts have more tendency of suffering backaches and sore shoulders than those who have small breasts.  Women with small breasts also find it easy to engage in rigorous physical activities, because it’s easier for them to move around.  If you have very large breasts, they would just droop because of the weight.

How to look good even with small breasts

There are many small-breasted women who are successful in modeling and entertainment industry.  Take for example Kate Moss.  Kate Moss is a proof that one can really look good even if one is not well-endowed.  There are various ways to look fantastic with small breasts.  Read on to know the steps in looking fabulous even with small breasts.

Step #1:  Develop self-confidence.

If you are oozing with self-confidence, people will not focus on your weak points.  They would surely look for the reason why you look so vibrant and proud.  This implies that they’d be looking for your strong points.  Just make sure that you are not giving an over-confident impression.  This is not good either.

Step #2:  Develop good posture.

Whether standing or sitting, make sure that your back is straight.  You have to make it a habit to maintain your good posture at all times.

Step #3:  Consult fashion experts.

You can go to a friend or to a fashion expert and ask him or her what dress would draw the eye away from your small chests.  You can also read fashion magazines and get tips on dressing up.

Step #4:  Change your wardrobe.

Start collecting clothes that would make you feel and look sexy.  If you’re wearing tees and plain pants in the past, change your wardrobe by buying clothes that would make you look a great deal sexier.

Step #5:  Know the other ways to be sexy.

Sexiness does not only depend on what you wear or what your vital statistics are.  It also depends on how you carry yourself, how you talk, and how you walk.  If you act sexy, your not-so-perfect figure won’t matter at all.

If you don’t have what people call sexy chests, you shouldn’t feel inferior.  There are many ways to be sexy. If you follow the steps mentioned above, you would surely look enticing and proud, whatever your vital statistics are.

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  1. marynavoa says:

    Why do we have to worry about having small breast. it doesn’t shorten our life span or something.According to research,men don’t care about breast sizes nearly as much as women do.

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