Things to Do If You Have a Flabby Stomach

People see themselves not with their own eyes but with society’s eyes.  This is why each of us strives to look and act the way society dictates.  If we think that we cannot meet the standard that society imposed, we believe ourselves lacking.  This is the reason why the people who failed to meet the standards of beauty, defined by having big busts, wide hips, and flat stomachs, develop inferiority complex and lose self-confidence.  Some people resort to surgeries and other artificial methods such as liposuction or tummy tuck in order to remedy their “imperfections.”

Ineffective ways of concealing flabby stomachs

Those who don’t want to undergo surgery resort to workouts and various ways to conceal their flabby stomachs.  However, some of these ways are ineffective.  Several people tighten up their belts in order to hide their flabby abdominal fat.  However, this would not only make them uncomfortable, this would really make them “look” uncomfortable.  There are others who skip meals in order to lose weight.  This is not a healthy way to remedy a flabby stomach.  This can actually cause harm.  Aside from these, others who want to flatten and tone down their stomachs resort to doing sit-ups and crunches.  According to some experts, these exercises are not really effective in toning down one’s abdominal muscles.

How to effectively deal with flabby stomach

The seemingly fruitless efforts of some people to make themselves sexier is not really from the lack of effort. It’s actually from doing things that are not effective.  To know the effective ways to do away with flabby stomach, read on.

Step #1:  Do not procrastinate.

At the first sign of fat in your stomach, you have to make a move immediately.  You should not wait for next week or next month to find a solution to your problem.  It’s easier to remove the flabbiness if it is not yet excessive.

Step #2:  Make a dietary plan.

The next thing that you should do is to make a plan on how to work for a sexier tummy.  You have to plan your diet.  As mentioned earlier, skipping your meals is not a good option.  What you should do is to regulate your diet.  Make sure that you reduce your intake of carbo-rich dishes.

Step #3:  Schedule your daily exercise.

After you plan what you should eat, you have to make a schedule of your workout routine.  If you think you can’t afford to spend your precious time going to the gym, you can just do your exercises at home.  You can find information regarding effective tummy exercises such as cardiovascular exercises online.

Step #4:  Shop for clothing that could hide your flabby tummy.

While you are still working your way to a flab-free tummy, you can conceal it by wearing dresses that flatter and draw the eye to the other parts of your body.  You can, for instance, wear something with an elaborate and attractive collar.  You can also buy tummy toning panties.

Step #5:  Work for an excellent posture.

You should also practice standing, sitting, or walking with your back very straight.  Slouching would just accentuate an unsightly stomach.

A flat stomach is one of the factors that could render appeal to someone.  Having a flab-free tummy would allow you to wear body-hugging dresses and sexy bikinis with confidence.  Working for a sexy tummy is, of course, not really very easy.  However, the result would be worth all your effort.

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  1. starry09 says:

    It’s very embarassing, especially for women, if you have a flabby tummy. Flabs are easily noticeable especially if you are sitting. If you are very conscious about having a flabby tummy, avoid wearing clothes that are very fit, especially along the waist area. Wear skirts and pants that are slightly loose. That way, you will feel very comfortable when you’re sitting and the “bulge” of your flab can be hidden. Exercise regularly if you want your flabs to disappear completely. The most important thing to do is to still be confident and stop being problematic about your flabby stomach. If you don’t, people will just notice it more.

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