The Confusion Surrounding PIP Breast Implants

Thousands of women within the UK who opted for breast surgery were implanted with inserts manufactured by the French company PIP. There has been mass media attention surrounding PIP implants which has brought much confusion to the general public and most importantly, the women who have undergone PIP implant surgery.

PIP implants are filled with non-medical grade silicon, which reports consider to leak through the faulty protective barriers of the implants. Lawyers representing the women patients who were affected explained that they had experienced inflammation, drowsiness and also fibromyalgia, (a painful disorder affecting the musculoskeletal system). In contrast to this, a health organisation noted that results from their own tests confirmed that there was zero evidence of threat of cancer or other chemical toxicity contained in the filler material. They also noted that there was insufficient evidence to support removal of the implants and advised anxious women to seek professional advice from the specific surgeon who carried out their procedure.


French authorities urged the whole of the 30,000 women with PIP breast implants to have them removed as a preventive measure and even offered to pay for all removals. The British Government didn’t react to this and made no signs of intention to follow suit, mainly due to the fact that there was no evidence to back the French guidance. They also made a point that the removal of implants carried a risk in itself.

The government publicised an official review of dangers, but it has now been claimed that there is no supporting evidence to endorse the routine removal of PIP implants from around 40,000 women in the UK alone. Many experts concluded that there is no link with cancer, and the difference in amounts of ruptured PIP implants compared to normal implants wasn’t conclusive.

Does this mean that the implants are safe? Not entirely! The Government stated it was not assured that the implant manufacturer PIP didn’t change the silicon material in the implants, so the possibility that some are toxic remains.

Support is however, available for women with PIP implants…The 5% of women who opted for breast reconstruction surgery which involved the insertion of PIP implants on the NHS are able to have them removed and also replaced if they desire. This is available for all who received PIP implants in Birmingham and nationwide. It is likely that the true verdict regarding the hazards of the implants will never be uncovered.

By Sam Hurley

Sam is a Junior Digital Marketing Consultant at FDC. You can reach Sam on Twitter @Sam___Hurley

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