How You Should Dress If You Have Wide Hips

The figure of a woman can be categorized into four major types.  The H-shaped women carry weight on their middle.  The T-shaped are those who have broad shoulders and narrow hips.  Women with the X figure are the curvy types.  They have proportioned busts and hips.  And their waistlines are slim.  This figure is commonly known as the hour-glass.  There is also what is called the A figure.  Those women with this figure carry the weight on the hips.  One of the challenges that women face everyday is finding the dress that would suit their type of figure.

Fashion and women with wide hips

For some people, women with wide hips or those with A-shaped body are the most attractive ones.  But the notion of the attractiveness of those with wide hips is not new.  Actually in ancient times, wide hips were highly regarded because they were associated with child rearing and thereby with the concept of fertility.  For some women today, however, having wide hips entails difficulty in finding the right dresses to wear.  If you won’t follow some rules in dressing, chances are you’re just going to make your hips appear wider.  This could make your body appear disproportionate.  Read on the know the tips on how to dress to draw the eye away from wide hips.

Steps on how to dress up to de-emphasize wide hips

Step #1:  Choose clothes with the best cut.

In order to de-emphasize wide hips, one of the basic thing to do is to draw the eye away from the hips and divert it to the chests and shoulders.  A bodice emphasizing the shoulders is a good option.  You should also use scarves and appealing collars to attract the eye and also to balance out hips.

Step #2:  Choose dark-colored pants or skirts.

Dark colored clothing has a slimming effect.  So to trim down the wideness of your hips, choose dark-colored pants or skirts.  It’s also advisable that you wear a bright-colored top to balance out the effect of the wide hips.  Pants and skirts with cool colors such as green, blue, and purple also have slimming effects.

Step #3:  Choose the details and prints of your dress well.

Make sure that the pants, skirts, or dresses that you would wear don’t have horizontal lines on them. Horizontal lines would add to the wide effect of your figure.  It’s best if you leave the skirt or pants as plain as possible.

Step #4:  Divert attention to the upper torso through accesories.

Necklace and earrings will pull the eye away from your lower torso.  Big and attractive necklaces and earrings are ideal accessories to draw people’s interest on your face.

Step #5:  Do not wear belts and ruffled skirts.

Knowing the things that you should wear is not enough.  It is also important that you know what to avoid.  One of the accesories to avoid is a belt.  Wearing one would only draw the eye to your lower torso.  And the horizontal line of the belt would only have a widening effect on your lower body part.  Another thing to avoid wearing is ruffled skirts.  This would only add volume to the lower part of your body.

Having wide hips is not a problem at all.  Just follow the tips above and you can surely be as attractive as any model even if you have wide hips.  Always remember, choose the color, cut, and design that could render a slimming effect on your lower torso.

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