How to Find the Right Buttock Augmentation

Media in the form of television and the internet has greatly influenced the way people view themselves. Everywhere, there are pictures of celebrities and media personalities who parade their seemingly perfect body figure, toned muscles and full rounded behinds that many people can’t help but aspire to look like them. Different exercises, diets and weight loss programs are developed around this notion. For those who can’t wait and have no patience for this natural body shaping regimes, they look to cosmetic surgery to achieve their desired bodies. One of the most popular surgery today is the buttocks augmentation procedure.
Buttocks augmentation is a procedure which changes the shape of the buttocks into the desired contour that the patient wants. There are two methods in buttocks augmentation that people can choose from; the butt implants and the butt lift procedure. The butt implants procedures deals with the insertion of molded artificial implants that range from various sizes onto the buttock to augment and modify the buttock shape.  The implants can also be customized depending on the requirements of the patient seeking the surgery. The entire surgery lasts for about two to three hours. In the butt lift procedure, the surgeon does a liposuction on a different part of the body to get fat and to transfer this fat onto the buttock area to modify its shape. This procedure is more delicate but also more flexible because the buttock will look more natural and augmented at the same time as excess fat and skin is removed.

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In choosing the right procedure for you, you need to take into consideration what your real goal is or how you picture your buttocks will look like after the procedure. With the butt implants procedure, it will mold your upper and outer buttocks and can provide more opportunity for enlarging the buttocks but it will not mold the lower areas. With butt lift procedure, the biggest disadvantage is how long the butt lift will last. As this procedure uses fat transfer to the buttocks, there are quantities of the transferred fat that would be reabsorbed into the other areas of the body. The benefit of butt lift procedure is that the patient can actually control and customize how the shape and the size of the buttocks will be modified.
Both procedures also have their own risks and recovery period. Before making a decision, you should also look for the best surgeon you can find so that you will know that you are not in danger and that the procedure would be successful. Make sure your surgeon is licensed and experienced. Prepare not only your physical being but also your emotional state before doing the surgery. It is best to know what you can expect during your recovery time after the procedure.

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