How to Dress If You Have a Straight Body Figure

There are various factors that determine a woman’s body shape.  These include her diet, fitness level, age, metabolism, and genetics.  The last one is one of the most influential factors.  This is because one can change her lifestyle, eating habits, and fitness levels, but her genes would be impossible to alter.  Some women were born with the genes that would give them an hour-glass figure later on in life.  However, there are women who could not really alter their too-slender body because their figure is mostly determined by their genes.

Masculine and feminine body figures

For many people, the term “sexy” is synonymous with an hour-glass figure.  According them, the feminine curves are what distinguish a woman from a man.  Lucky you if you got the curves that would set every man’s fantasy aflame.  But what if your are on the too-slender side?  Is there any other way to give your body shape aside from surgery?  Of course there are.  Read on to know how to dress up to create desirable femine curves.

How to create curves with clothes and body accessories

Step #1:  Shop for shape-giving underwear.

There are various padded brassiere and panties you can wear to give you a shapely figure.  You can buy these from specialty brick-and-mortar stores and you can also order these items from online stores.

Step #2:  Wear ruffled skirt and dresses.

One way to give an impression of a fuller figure is to wear clothings with ruffles.  If you want to make your chest part appear fuller, there are blouses with ruffles on the chest part.  If you want to have a fuller bottom or wider hips, you can wear ruffled skirts.

Step #3:  Consider the color of what you wear.

The color of what you wear can affect your shape.  If you want to give volume to your figure, you should avoid wearing dark colors because of their slimming effect.  You should wear bright-colored clothing instead, as bright colors can render your body a widening effect.

Step #4:  Make sure the details of the fabric do not have a slimming effect.

You have to consider the prints and other details of the fabric.  You have to choose one with horizontal lines instead of vertical ones.  The former can render a widening effect on your figure.  You should also avoid wearing clothes made of fabrics with small patterns because these would only emphasize your straight body shape.

Step #5:  Accessorize.

You can make use of scarves and high-waisted belts to create an impression of a fuller figure.  These items add volume to your figure.  Don’t be afraid to use other accessories that can emphasize your assets.  If you have gorgeous flawless skin, wear accessories in bold colors.

Your choice of color, design, and style would heavily affect your figure.  So even if you do not naturally have a full figure, you can still look sexy and shapely if you follow the tips above.

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  1. Having a straight body figure isn’t bad at all. There are lot of ways to create an illusion of having a voluptuous , curvy figure . there’s a wide variety of clothes , accessories to choose from, you just have to pick out which one suits you the best. Everytime you buy a dress , always try it on and determine if it fits you well or not, not just for the reason that you like it.Try mix and matching , overlapping clothes to create curves and invest on good push-up and padded bras . Short shorts and mini skirts is a must in your closet. If you are tall , try to avoid using high- heeled footwear since it tends to elongate your body. Your attitude toward dressing also plays a vital role. If you think you can’t carry yourself well then you have a big problem. No matter how nice your dress or how it flatters your figure , you won’t still look good. Always bear in mind that you should be the one wearing the dress not the other way around.

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