How to Dress a Flat Butt and Big Stomach

If you don’t have the hour-glass figure that many would envy, you shouldn’t be discouraged to roam around the town with head held high like any supermodel. If you have a flat butt and big tummy, there are remedies you can find. It’s actually more on how you dress up. Your choice of dress can flatter your figure or make it look worse. This is why if you really want to look good and feel good, follow these tips on dressing up:

Step #1: Wear a double pair of control top panty hose

In order to make your tummy appear flatter, you should wear a double pair of control top panty hose. You can do this everytime you dress up especially if you are going to wear tight tops.

Step #2: Wear empire cut dresses

Another way to disguise your stomach is to wear empire cut dress with a high waist. Aside from disguising your plump stomach, it can also make you appear taller and thinner.

Step #3: Avoid wearing tight pants

Wearing tight pants will just emphasize the protrusion in your belly area. The trick here is to try to divert the attention of the viewer from your tummy region. If you got long pair of legs, you can actually wear shorts instead of constrictive pants. In this way, the attention of the viewer will be on your legs instead.

Step #4: Wear shorts that have embroidery or pockets at the backside

To add volume to your backside, you can wear shorts with designs on the backside. This gives an illusion of an added volume in that area.


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Step #5: Wear your clothes with confidence

You have to wear your clothes with confidence. You have to straighten your posture and avoid slouching. This can help you flatten your tummy and also make your look thinner and taller. Having self-esteem can spell the difference between a plain outfit and an amazing look that’s oozing with confidence.

If you have a flat butt and a big stomach, you don’t need to undergo a surgery. All you need to do is to wear the right clothes. Again, a control top panty hose can make your stomach flatter. An empire-cut dress can do the trick as well by disguising the protrusion. You need to avoid tight pants and instead wear shorts with interesting embroidery at the backside. And the most important thing to remember is to dress up and walk with confidence.

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