Guide to Judging Women’s Butts

The buttocks are considered by a lot of people to be the most attractive part of a woman’s body. They give shape to the woman’s body and further accentuate her curves. Women’s butts come in different shapes, form, and sizes. There is the pear shape and the apple shape, among others. If you want to know what’s hot and what’s not, here’s a simple guide to judging women’s butts:

Step #1: Learn about the different butt shapes and sizes.

You should be aware of the different shapes of women’s butts before you can be able to judge them. You have to know the differences between pear-shaped butts and apple-shaped butts. The size is also one of the important factors to consider. Observe if the size of women’s butts is just in proportion with her figure.

Step #2: See if the butts are firm.

Aside from the shape, you also need to see the firmness of the butts. A great butt is firm and perky and does not sag. You don’t need to touch the butts to see if they’re firm, but simply has to check them out, especially when women walk.

Step #3: Consider the clothing that women wear.

You should also take women’s clothes into account. Some women may look like they’re very voluptuous, especially when it comes to their backside. You have to understand that sometimes clothes create the illusion of fullness for some women’s backsides.

Step #4: Identify if the woman is wearing padded panties and shorts.

There are many padded undergarments and shorts in the market today. These apparel are intended for those who have flat butts. So before you judge women’s butts you have to make sure that those women are not wearing padded garments.

Step #5: Determine if women’s butts have undergone surgery.

Today, butt enhancement surgery is very common. You have to determine before judging if the women’s butts are not natural. Some women who have undergone butt surgery have unnaturally firm butts. Some may appear too big for their body and doesn’t move naturally as the woman walks.

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When you judge women’s butts, you have to take into account the shape and size. They should be proportional to the body shape and contour of the woman. Also watch out for women who are wearing padded clothing or have undergone butt surgery. Their butts oftentimes look unnatural or may be too big for their body. For butts to be considered flattering and attractive, they should be able to highlight the curves of a woman’s body.

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  1. yvonne t. says:

    Exercise is one of the best things you can do to achieve a firm butt. You should also learn to live a healthy lifestyle so you can achieve that nice butt figure. There are things a women should always consider when looking good. One is choosing the right kind of clothes to wear. You should always take into consideration your body figure so if you feel that this clothes you’re wearing make you feel fat, get rid of them and find better clothes that makes you feel sexy, not necessary daring, but sexy.

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