Directions on Dealing with Lifeless Hair

Since the dawn of human civilization, hair has been one of man’s yardsticks for beauty.  A healthy and glossy hair is not just a sign of good health, but also a sign of unparalleled beauty for many cultures in the past as well as in the present.  The ancient Egyptians took utmost importance of their hair.  They oiled it and applied henna on it to keep it glossy and black.  The ancient Chinese made use of the oil from herbal plants to render life to their hair.  Today, hair continues to be one of the most important factors in evaluating both a man’s and a woman’s beauty.  Proof to this are the variety of hair care and beauty products available on the market.

Effects of diet, pollution, and overall health on the hair

There are various hair care products on the market.  However, there are still a lot of people who continue to struggle for ways to give life to their dull, lifeless hair.  Obviously, some of these hair care products do not have the same effect for everyone.  There are actually various factors that contribute to the condition of one’s hair.  These factors include diet, pollution, and one’s overall health.  Imbalances in the diet could make your hair unhealthy.  Consuming too much junks, sugar, starch, alcohol, and nicotine can cause hair to lose its luster.  Toxins and carcinogens from air pollution are also said to have an effect on hair growthOverall health is also reflected in one’s hair.  Good nutrition, for instance, can be seen on the strength and luster of hair.

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How to give dull, lifeless hair a boost

Having known the causes of dull lifeless hair, the next important thing is knowing the remedy for this.  Below are the steps on how to give dull and lifeless hair a boost.

Step #1:  Balance your diet.

Because your diet is one of the factors that influence your hair’s health, you have to make sure that you balance your diet.  Make sure that there’s a balanced amount of protein, fiber, calcium, and fats on your meal.

Step #2:  Avoid junkfoods.

Eating food that could give you the vitamins and minerals to bring back life to your hair is not enough.  You should also start avoiding junks and foods with excess amounts of sugar and starch.

Step #3:  wash your hair thoroughly

If you’re on the street the whole day, it is best to wash your hair thoroughly at the end of the day.  In this way, toxins, pollutants, and sweat are removed.

Step #4:  Use botanical shampoos.

The safest way to care for your hair is to use a botanical shampoo.  This shampoo is mild and natural so it would not really damage your hair even if you use it often.

Step #5:  Take vitamins.

Taking vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin H (biotin) would not only have a good effect on your overall health, it would also contribute to your goal of keeping your hair glossy and full of life.

Because your hair is your crowning glory, you have to take good care of it.  Eating healthy, taking vitamins, and using natural hair beauty remedies are among the things that you should do in order to give luster and life to your hair.

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  1. starry09 says:

    A person’s hair is like a crown. You bring it with you wherever you go and people complement it if its well taken care of. Hair should be properly tended, especially for women. It is not advisable to go to salons frequently. Salons make your hair shiny and perfect but too much of it just might make your hair dull and dry in the end. Style your hair according to your needs. If you’re working out, tie your hair up. If you will be exposed to pollution and heat, also tie your hair up. Comb your hair every night before you sleep and comb then again after you wake up.

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