Directions on Dealing with Flat Buttocks

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1) Why do men find flat buttocks unattractive and unappealing?
2) What body directions should women follow in increasing the size of their buttocks?
3) How can flat buttocks exercise help a woman get a more shapely and sexy rear end?
4) What exercise for flat buttocks are available?
5) What to do with a wide flat butt?

The perfection of a woman’s figure is always measured by three factors, the breasts, waist, and buttocks. Since the time that people first conceived the idea of beauty of a woman’s body, the yardstick of beauty has changed countless times.  There was a time in history when a slender and seemingly buttless figure was considered beautiful. Today, a nice figure is defined by a nice big butt.  Flat butts are deemed ugly because it doesn’t seem “healthy” and is often associated with a low activity/slacker lifestyle.  Whereas a firm and healthy butt connotes a healthy and active lifestyle.   The wost are wide flat butts–victims of ugly cellulite and flab.

According to some people, JLo (Jennifer Lopez) was the celebrity who single-handedly brought to the masses, once again, the concept that the bigger the buttocks, the more desirable a woman is.  The trend regarding the “bigger the butt the better” is not actually new.  Way back in the past, before the Middle ages when flat buttocks were considered assets, people considered women who have big buttocks beautiful, probably because generous butts are closely associated with fertility.  As buttocks are part of the yardstick through which beauty is measured, it is not surprising that many conceptions and misconceptions revolve around this topic.

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Common myths about flat buttocks

There are a lot of women who are graced with generous behinds.  And there are also a lot, who unfortunately, don’t have such assets.  There are various presuppositions on why there are some who do not have big behinds. One of the popular myth is that one develops flat butts from sitting down for long hours.  There are also a lot of misconceptions regarding the ways to getting bigger butts.  These include swimming in cold water, applying butter on your derriere, doing excessive weight lifing exercises, and eating a lot of carbo-rich food.  The latter would actually make you fat instead of putting shape on your posterior.

Medical and surgical interventions for dealing with flat behinds

There is one tested and proven method of dealing with flat behinds.  This is through surgery.  Buttocks implantation or buttocks augmentation involves two surgical methods.  One is butt lifing and the other is butt enlargement.  Although these methods are the fastest and the most effective ways to have that “JLo butt” that you’ve been working hard for, these involve risks.  The risks include infection, nerve damage, swelling, bleeding, and pain which could last for a month.  Aside from these, the process is also very costly.  There’s also a chance that you’ll be undergoing another surgery after a while.

How to deal non-surgically with flat buttocks

So if you don’t want to take the risks undergoing a surgery, there are non-surgical methods to deal with flat buttocks.  Read on to know the steps in dealing with flat butts.

Step #1:  Wear a silicone butt enhancer.

There are lots of products you can use to remedy your flat butt.  One of these is the silicone butt enhancer.  This is a panty-like padded product which could thicken the appearance of your posterior.

Step #2:  Know what jeans to wear.

To make your behind flattering, choose jeans with extra designs and detailing at the back.  This could make your behind look fuller.

Step #3:  Regulate your diet

Eating without regulating your diet would not add thickness to your butt.  It would just make your body fat.  So it is important that you regulate your diet.

Step #4:  Do exercises that target the butt.

One of the things that could develop your butt is to do workouts targeting your butt.  Squats and back lunges are among the exercises that experts recommend.  Butt exercises build muscle mass and thickness in the center while trimming off the fat and cellulite located in your rump.  Calf raises also tightens the lower butt thereby pushing up the butt muscle.  This results in a round but firm booty.

Step #5:  Develop confidence.

One of the most important ways to deal with flat butts is to carry yourself with confidence.  Straighten your back and walk like a model.  In fact, there are lots of famous models that do not really have a “JLo behind.” Nonetheless, they still look sexy.

If you think surgery is not for you, do not despair.  There are non-surgical ways to deal with your bottom, ways that are less-costly and not dangerous.  Just follow the steps above and you’ll surely ooze with sex appeal even with a flat butt.

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