Top 5 Tips To Save You From Hairstyle Disasters

It’s always useful to have a stock of quality tips and tricks that you can delve into on a bad hair day, just when you think all is lost. Below you will find 5 of these that can really save you from having to suffer an ultimate hair disaster.

1. Saving your hair from taking on a green tinge after swimming
Brunettes do not tend to suffer from this but if you are a blonde then you may well have experienced the horror of seeing your green tinged hair after you’ve been swimming. The chlorine is at fault here and so to remove this, try crushing up a packet of aspirin, mix it with heated water and then rinse it through your hair. You’ll probably need to pay particular attention to the ends. This should do the job and remove the horrid green tinge.

2. It’s cold outside so you’ve been wearing a hat and now you have hat hair!
Hat hair is something that everyone experiences and it really is bothersome, whether you are on a date, arriving at work, eating out or practically any other occasion…hat hair is never fun. So to sort out your hat hair, try keeping some alcohol based hand sanitizer in your bag. Then, when the occasion calls for it, rub a pea sized amount of it on your hands and run it through the strands of your hair. This will help give your hair more volume and also make it easy to restyle and tame.

3. No time to wash your hair in the morning but it’s so greasy!
Many women will have faced the problem of not having enough time in the morning to wash their hair because they can’t risk being late for work, but then have to face the rest of the day with greasy hair. A quick and easy way to resolve the greasiness of your hair is to use some spray on dry shampoo. All you need to do is spray it onto the roots of your hair and then rub it in and you’ll have grease free hair in no time at all, which means you can go to work without a concern.

4. Save your hair from becoming dry and crunchy through absorbing seawater
To stop seawater ruining your hair when on holiday, make sure that you have thoroughly soaked your hair in freshwater first. It also helps to spray a fair amount of leave in conditioner on your hair before swimming in salty water. This will give your hair a protective layer, which prevents it absorbing too much of the salt which can cause brittleness and fizziness, making it harder to style.

5. Just when you think the humidity’s ruined your hair…
Whether you live in a humid climate without a hair salon in sight, or are just experiencing humidity on holiday, it still has an annoying effect on your hair. Humidity can cause your hair to be fly-away and extremely frizzy, which makes it really hard to style. Before entering into a humid atmosphere, spray your hair with leave in conditioner and try using an anti-frizz serum.

Alternatively you can choose to embrace a different hairstyle and use the humidity to your advantage. As your hair will have a lot of moisture, you can easily create a tousled, curlier hairstyle without the need for curling tongs or straighteners. You can do this by curling your hair around your fingers or by scrunching your hair up with your hands. This hairstyle will look relaxed and extremely pretty and fit in perfectly with the holiday look that you are more than likely going for.

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Laura Harrison writes for UK hair salons, Supercuts. She is passionate about celebrity hairstles and blogs about the various tips and tricks of the stars. When she isn’t writing about hair or repairing her precious hair straighteners, she’s at the local park with her short haired dog, Sputnik…

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