Things to Note Before Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery has become quite popular over the last couple of years. It is easily accessible, loans for these surgeries can be obtained and everybody is doing it. It seems like the easy solution to a problem you have faced for years. A problem that has brought down your confidence levels and kept you from living the life you should be living. But everybody should know a few pointers before undergoing the life altering surgery.

breast augmentation surgery

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  • Influence

We are highly influenced by celebrities, television shows and the society in which we live. We constantly compare ourselves to women/men on adverts and we base what is ‘normal’ and the ultimate body on these photo shopped images. You need to make sure that your surgery is based on your decisions alone; otherwise in a few years time when small boobs are in again, you will have to have another surgery.

  • Age

The wonderful thing about the huge progress in surgery is that you can have treatment at just about any age. Although this does not mean at 60 years old you must now get a face lift to compete with your daughter or granddaughter for that matter. A midlife crises may creep up on you, but be aware and ask your family first on their thoughts. You may make a decision that could split the family, yes something small like this can cause a lot of tension in a family.

  • Expectations

Remember that after surgery you may not look like the supermodel you were planning to look like, be realistic about your expectations, otherwise disappointed may lead to something serious like obsession or depression. Many people believe their entire world will change after surgery, in other words feel happier or be self confident, often this does not occur. You need to be happy with yourself first. Some people even resort to suicide because they feel that if their last resort of trying plastic surgery did not make them happier then nothing will. In this case it will be wise to first seek out a physcologist.

  • Pictures

Provide your doctor with some pictures of your ideal look. You should discuss with your doctor your options and they should tell you whether it can work or not.  You do not want the surgery to look unnatural.

  • Who are you doing it for?

Another important question to ask is ‘who am I doing this surgery for?’ In some cases Husbands, girlfriends, friends or other family members may be pressurizing you to do a surgery you are not completely comfortable with. The decision needs to be made by you for yourself. Otherwise you may have regrets late on in life.

Nicole de Freitas enjoys writing and encouraging people about cosmetic surgery, she likes to make sure people do breast augmentation surgery for the right reasons.


  1. Mark Robert Bedua says:

    Post also the cost of cosmetic surgery or any surgery that popular for today’s generation. Post also the advantage and disadvantage of surgery. This post is useful for people who wants a surgery.

  2. This post is helpful especially the age part and asking your family’s ideas about this decision. I used to think that it mainly depends on the person and his/her emotional and mental status. Asking your family and involving them in decision-making will give you a wider perspective, not to mention showing how you respect and wanting them to be part of the big change you are going to take.

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