The Benefits of Rhinoplasty

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2. What are the health benefits of rhinoplasty?
3. What are the psychological benefits of rhinoplasty?
4. What are the technological advances of rhinoplasty?
5. Why rhinoplasty should be taken with careful consideration?

Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a “nose job,” is a highly popular cosmetic surgery procedure that has benefited millions of people around the world. Some people choose to undergo surgery for health reasons, while others are seeking an improved appearance. Surgeons can smooth out “humps” in the bridge of the nose, narrow the tip, and reshape the nostrils to create a natural result that fits with the proportions of the face.

Nasal cosmetic surgery has made major advances, especially in the last few years. Surgeons have perfected their techniques so that they can give you precisely the look you want, whether it’s a refinement of your own nose shape or one that resembles that of your favorite celebrity. New technological advances have even made it possible to view how a new nose will look before you ever step foot in the operating room.

Health Benefits of Functional Surgery
Injuries and structural defects such as a deviated septum can lead to breathing problems that can be corrected through surgery. If you wish, the surgeon can make cosmetic adjustments to the nose in the course of the operation, or you may request that he not alter your original nose. Depending on your policy, surgery to improve nasal breathing or to correct damage from an injury may be covered by health insurance.

Psychological Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery
If you are highly self-conscious about your nose, surgery can give you something truly priceless: a new sense of self-confidence. If you find that you are so unhappy with your nose that it is affecting your quality of life, you are an excellent candidate for cosmetic surgery. Though surgery cannot cure anyone of self-esteem issues, a simple adjustment is often all it takes to feel great when looking in the mirror.

Technological Advances in Rhinoplasty
Advances in medicine have made now the best time in history to undergo surgery. Surgeons use high-definition, 3D technology to enable them to make smaller incisions, which leads to improved accuracy and shorter recovery time. Computer visualization software allows patients to see how various nose shapes will look on their face before they make their final decision.

The advent of social media has also been highly beneficial to people considering plastic surgery. Some plastic surgeons have created websites or pages on social media networks. Potential patients can view pictures of the doctor’s results, or see how past patients would gauge their satisfaction level with the procedure and its aftermath.

In Conclusion
The nose is vital to a harmoniously balanced face. Many people find that nasal issues due to birth defects or injuries would benefit from corrective surgery. With the improvement of technology and surgical techniques, surgeons are better able than ever before to sculpt the best-proportioned nose for each individual patient. To ensure you are happy with the outcome of any surgery, make sure your cosmetic surgeon understands your expectations. The decision to have rhinoplasty is one that should be undertaken with careful consideration, but excellent results can make the process worth every moment.

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This post was provided by Jenny Frenton, a rhinoplasty surgery recipient. She recommends the Toronto Cosmetic Clinic for their excellent patient care during her Rhinoplasty Toronto procedure.

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