Should You Really Have Cosmetic Surgery?

The decision to have cosmetic surgery should never be taken lightly.  Because cosmetic surgery is both costly and a permanent change to your physique as well as your life, it is crucial that you understand not only the risks associated with the procedure but also how you’ll feel living with your new you forever after.

Perhaps the most important factor to consider before committing to any cosmetic surgery is the reason you want the procedure. We all have the desire to better ourselves in one form or another and cosmetic surgery affords us the luxury to make a drastic physical change with immediate results.

Therefore, the decision to act on her desires for significant self-alteration should be treated with thoughtful care. If you haven’t yet explored all of the variables and factors surrounding your decision to have cosmetic surgery, the tips and ideas below could help you tremendously in your effort to make your final choice.

Consult with those you trust who know you best

Most of us are fortunate to have friends, family and loved ones near us and dear to us. Choose one of your close confidantes and discuss your cosmetic surgery considerations with them. Family members and close friends are great resources in this role for a few reasons. They are more likely to be honest and straightforward with you, they will look out for your best interests and well-being, they are trustworthy and they will most likely be the first people in your life to notice the new you.

Getting insight from others is a great way to see your situation from angles you might not have taken into account. Perhaps you will even hear suggestions and advice you never would have thought of. This step is especially important if you are married, as your spouse should be aware and on board with such a significant transformation.

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 Discerning the Necessity

If your decision to have cosmetic surgery Is being compelled by medical need, you should make sure to get a thorough diagnosis and treatment plan. Consult with your physician and perhaps with another trusted doctor outside of your normal family physician to get a second opinion.

Ask plenty of questions, explore alternative treatment options, ensure that you understand the entirety of your situation and have a complete understanding of all the risks involved.

Your consultations with medical professionals will not only help you solidify your decision, but will also give you confidence to proceed in the direction you have chosen without worry over the procedure’s risks.

Diligent Self-Searching

By this point you will have likely had a great many helpful conversations and consultations with trusted loved ones and experts in the medical field. Now it’s time for an in-depth consultation with yourself. This process becomes monumentally more effective if you are writing things down along the way. Take this opportunity to ask yourself some tough questions.

Why do you want to have cosmetic surgery? How do you imagine you’ll feel after the procedure? Is this operation completely necessary? Can you think of any regrets you might have in the aftermath? Make sure to write down your questions and the answers and keep a diary or journal of your self-searching process.

You will most likely think of other questions along the way, as nobody knows you as well as you know yourself. Once you feel that you have done a thorough job of analyzing your own reasons, ambitions and potential outcomes, continue to peruse what you’ve written in your journal over the days or weeks leading up to your final decision. Combined with the advice and feedback you’ve received from your consultations with physicians and family these personal insights will prove immensely helpful.

Learn from those who have gone before you

Perhaps one of the best ways to gain some insights on the aftermath of such an operation is to learn from those who have had cosmetic surgery and are presently living with their transformation, whether good or bad. There are tons of resources for this sort of exploration on the Internet. You can find forums, testimonials, comprehensive resources and FAQs, all accounting the perspective of post-op cosmetic surgery patients.

Perhaps you know of a colleague or friend who has had cosmetic surgery and you can speak directly with them in person. These conversations can go a long way in helping you improve your visibility of what your post cosmetic surgery procedure life might be like. You might also consider browsing the many before and after photo Galleries published on many cosmetic surgery websites around the Internet.

Taking a peek into the future of cosmetic procedure aftermath can prove to be an eye-opening experience. You might also make some great new friends along the way as you hear heartfelt stories of all angles from the people you interact with in forums and support groups. If you decide to proceed with your operation, these relationships can be tremendously helpful as you you go forward with your new you.

Whether you decide to proceed with your cosmetic surgery or not, the experiences you gain, the lessons you learn and the relationships you create will be a personal reward all itself.

Dr. Alexander Simopoulos is a practicing medical health professional and cosmetic surgeon who writes about cosmetic surgery for his website,

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