Re-Invent Yourself With a New Image

How many times have you looked in the mirror and looked at the person staring back at you with a sense of frustration and despair?  The safe and shapeless hairstyle hasn’t changed in a decade, the make-up lacks colour and originality and the style of dress is anything but on trend.  There is no need to go on day after day feeling drab and bland; there are so many beauty treatments, cosmetics and accessories on the market today that you could reinvent yourself a dozen times over for minimal expense.

clip in hair extensions

Get Started

If can be difficult to know where to start but sometimes it can be as simple as having your hair styled that gives you the motivation to make changes to other areas of your personal style.  Make an appointment with your local hair salon and get yourself booked in for a restyle, ask their advice on what kind of style would suit the face of your shape and if you are feeling brave enough you could even throw in a colour change.  If the cost is putting you off taking this step, get in touch with your local beauty college as they are always looking for models or ask at your local salon to see if they need models for their own training night, you could end up paying a fraction of the normal salon price.

Go With the Flow

It is amazing what a change in hairstyle can do to the way that you view yourself in the mirror, the right style can take years off you and make you feel wonderful.  Start playing around with new makeup colours that really bring out your eye colour or show off those amazing cheek bones of yours and treat yourself to a manicure.  Liven up your favourite outfit with some cheap and cheerful accessories or use the cash that you have been putting away for a rainy day to splash out on some new wardrobe essentials, just make sure that you step away from the styles that you usually end up buying and try a few pieces of colour alongside the safe blacks and greys that you usually choose.  Finish off your new image with a few pieces of eye catching jewellery that makes you feel good.  Put the whole ensemble together and take another good look at yourself in the mirror, what kind of response does it provoke this time?

There are so many ways now to change your image without breaking the bank.  Clip in hair extensions, false eyelashes and a signature lipstick colour are quick and easy, temporary ways to give yourself a new look without having to undergo lengthy salon treatments or pay a fortune to be restyled.

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