Makeup Gets Edgy

Makeup Gets Edgy

Fans were shocked when they read Pink’s Tweet recently that read: “Guess who’s the new COVERGIRL!!!!!!!” Pink, a worldwide successful singer is known for her outrageous nonconformity, looks, and attitude. CoverGirl admits that the addition of Pink to their brand was not a traditional choice, but they view her as an asset. It’s becoming more and more popular to see famous actresses and singers with wild and edgy makeup. You too can achieve a unique, more fashion forward look by visiting a professional makeup artist in Sydney.
The picture CoverGirl released of Pink shows her donning her signature pink hair. Her eyes pop with the help of daring blue and peach eye shadows. Since her eyes are the focus, she wears a light pink blush and nearly nude lipstick. This promo photo shows women and girls that you too can play with makeup to look funky without it looking overly done or clownish.

The cover of Harper Bazaar’s September issue beautifully captures the unique looks of another famous singer. Gwen Stefani, the lead singer of No Doubt, is known across the globe is not only known for her music, but also for her distinctive fashion and makeup choices. Ever since Stefani hit the music scene over a decade ago, women and girls have tried to imitate her heavy eye makeup and bright red, statement lips. Stefani describes herself as “unconventional looking” and enjoys being a little daring with her makeup and clothing.

With more and more celebrities sporting makeup that really pops, cosmetic companies are beginning to offer more options in terms of color and texture. Edgy looks can be saved for a big night out or even downplayed a little, so they’re suitable for the workplace. Makeup is a great tool that can be used to bring your look up to date.

To find out which looks work best with your face, visiting a makeup artist in Sydney is the way to go. A professional can help you choose the right colors and tools to play up your strongest features. Visit a makeup artist when you’re ready for a fun night out or for a special occasion, like a wedding or party. Some makeup professionals even offer classes where they will teach you step by step the proper ways to apply makeup. You will definitely leave with great tips on how to achieve the looks of your favorite actresses and singers.

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