How To Make Your Lashes Thicker With Coupons

One thing that many women envy are those who have very thick and luscious eyelashes that command attention. A look like this is often created using false lashes and heavy application of a plumping mascara.

Until recently, there has been no easy way to get a similar look with natural lashes. However, in recent years several formulas have been developed that can help to thicken and regrow eyelashes.

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Give Lashes The Nutrients They Need To Grow Stronger

Eyelashes come in a variety of thickness and length styles, which gives everyone their own unique look. For those who want to enhance what they already have, Lilash coupons are often the ticket, as they can yield large discounts on growth serums.

The serum used to grow lashes contains nutrients that help encourage growth and provide a thickening effect. With regular use, they will appear thicker and more full, often within the course of just a few weeks of use.

After the lashes have reached their ideal length or thickness, the product can be used just once or twice per week in order to keep them healthy. Many of the serums are so easy to use that they can be applied in mere seconds.

Explore Alternatives While Waiting On Regrowth

While waiting on the serums to work, many may want to create the appearance of fuller eyelashes. There are two main tools that can be used to do this – false lashes and mascara. They can be used alone or together. depending on the desired results.

Falsies, as they are often called, can be applied at home and are meant to be worn for a few hours at a time. They are typically thin strips that contain individual hairs or even feathers, depending on the style.

The falsies are attached using a special type of glue. The glue is applied to the edge of the falsies and needs to set for a few seconds in order to become tacky or sticky. Once it has, the falsies should be very carefully applied to the edges of the real eyelashes.

Not all falsies will look natural, which is something that many women discover after applying them. They may look too sparse, or may not blend well with natural ones. One way to fix this is to apply mascara in order to help blend them together.

Mascara may also be used on its own to create a more full appearance. The best options for this is to look for thickening or lengthening formulas in health and beauty sections. These often contain ingredients that extend the lash out further or thicken it slightly.

Waterproof formulas are typically the better option, but they can be harder to remove. Mascaras that are not waterproof are easy to remove, but they also smudge and smear if they get wet. This trade off is important to keep in mind when picking out a mascara.

Take Care Of Eyelashes By Cleaning Them Properly

Whether just starting a growth serum or maintaining the results from using one, eyelashes should always be cared for. A good eye care regimen is ideal for prevent unwanted damage from occurring.

The first step to this is to always wash off any eye makeup or mascara before bed. A very gentle cleanser should be used, as these are less harsh and do not clog pores as easily as other formulas do.

The serum should always be used as directed, which may mean every day, or once per week. If possible, women should use Lilash coupons to pick up extra containers so that they do not run out and have a lapse in treatment.

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