How to Lose Weight without Exercise

Gastric surgeries have been used for a number of years to help people lose weight. One relatively new procedure, gastric sleeve surgery, reduces the size of the stomach by about half. The portion that is removed is the part that stretches and contains a hormone that regulates hunger sensations. The surgery is irreversible and if you choose to have it, you must commit to eating a gastric sleeve diet for the rest of your life.


A lifetime dietary change may sound daunting, but there are guiding principles that will help. Immediately after the surgery there are dietary changes necessary for the healing process. Within approximately eight weeks, you will be able to adopt a routine gastric sleeve diet. The main elements of that diet are as follows.

Eat three small meals a day

Since your stomach is now half the size, you will not be able to eat as much food at once. Also, the hormonal changes will help you feel satisfied and not hungry after only a small amount of food intake.

As you adapt to a full gastric sleeve diet, you will be able to eat one-half to one cup of food per meal. It is important not to snack between meals, but experts suggest you drink two protein drinks a day between meals.

Limiting snacks will not be as hard as it sounds. The hormone stimulating hunger is removed with the stretchy part of the stomach.

Eat slowly and chew thoroughly

Each small meal should take about 30 minutes for you to eat. This means you must thoroughly chew your food. Experts suggest you chew until your food is a pasty consistency.

Do not drink and eat at the same time

Both eating food and drinking liquids fill the small space in your stomach, so if you drink a glass of water with your meal, you will not have room for your food. There should be 30 to 60 minutes between eating and drinking. Nausea and bloating are results of filling your remaining stomach with food and liquid at the same time.

Get plenty of protein

Protein should be the first thing you eat at your meal. It speeds the healing process and prevents malnutrition.

Get plenty of non-caloric liquid

Fluid is important for healing and prevention of constipation, sagging skin and maintenance of muscle tone but other than the two daily protein drinks, the beverages should be non-caloric.

Daily vitamin supplements

You have substantially decreased the amount of your food intake, which also reduces your absorption of vitamins and minerals. You will need a daily multi-vitamin with zinc and other vital minerals for the rest of your life. However, this is only a small concern when regulating your gastric sleeve diet.

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