How to Color Match the Cosmetic Brush Bags

Every woman knows the importance of having an organized cosmetic bag complete with all the makeup she needs for all kinds of situations and occasion. Makeup often becomes a disorganized and cluttered mess in any woman’s purse if not properly kept. If you spend more time digging for makeup in your purse that applying it, you need a cosmetic bag very badly.

As much as having an organized cosmetic bag, it is as important to be stylish at the same time. You don’t want to look like an obsessive-compulsive old maid, but you’d want to be stylish looking like one. Having an organized cosmetic bag is stylish, but one way of looking more stylish and organized at the same time is by choosing the right cosmetic brush bags for you.

To choose the right cosmetic brush bags and be stylish at the same time, you can match the color of your purse or bag with your cosmetic brush bag. You can also match the color of your cosmetic brush bag with your cosmetic bag. But before we discuss more tips and options about that, let us take the first step; know more about makeup brushes.

Professional stylists and makeup artists are very specific in choosing the right makeup brushes. Professional makeup artist or not, it makes a world of difference to have a good collection of brushes. Here is a list of some makeup brushes every woman should have.

For your eyes, you need six brushes for eyes depending on what makeup you’ll apply. Complete eye makeup brushes can include:

Eyeshadow brush which also includes a blending brush,

  1. Angled brush
  2. Shadow brush.
  3. Eyeliner brush
  4. Mascara brush and
  5. Eyebrow brush

For your lips: though it can be applied directly on the lips, lipstick brushes provide a better application technique. You must have both a:

Retractable Lipstick Brush and a

  1. Longhandled lipstick Brush

Brushes for your face and cheeks: For a flawless look, ease of application is better. You must have these brushes for that:

Foundation brush

  1. Blusher brush
  2. Concealer brush
  3. Large powder brush

Makeup brushes are sold either individually or in a set. It is a good idea to buy cosmetic brushes in a set because it usually comes in a case or bag. If you don’t want to buy in a set however, you can always buy a good cosmetic brush bag. Yet again, our goal here is to look stylish with your cosmetic brush bag. Now to achieve that, you can match the color of your purse or bag with your cosmetic brush bag. You can also match the color of your cosmetic bag with your cosmetic brush bag.

cosmetic brush bag

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Here are options on how to color match your cosmetic brush bags.

1. Buy a set of bags with complete accessories. There are many bags available today that comes in a set complete with smaller bags inside for various uses. There are even bags that have a cosmetic bag, cosmetic brush bag, wallet, and laptop bag inside. With a bag set, you have a bigger chance of matching the color of your cosmetic brush bag.

2. If you already have a cosmetic bag, look for a similar color of cosmetic brush bag. It’s simple, if you currently have a cosmetic bag, you can just look for a cosmetic brush bag with the same color.

3. But if you can’t find a similar cosmetic brush bags with shade or color of your cosmetic bag or purse, you can also match the design and pattern.

4. Lastly, if all else fails; buy a cosmetic brush bags with the shade lighter or darker than your cosmetic bag. It’s still the same color and it will surely match.

It is all that easy. Match the color of your cosmetic brush bags with your cosmetic bag or outfit for a more stylish and organized look.

Jane Mellows is now working for a beauty shop in Texas as a consultant.

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