Friends And Acne

It can really suck to see friends suffering from acne.  It takes for one to be very careful when addressing a friend with the problem.


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Walking On Eggshells

People can be very sensitive to anything that falls their way whether it is bad hair to bad breath to a bout of acne.  The amount of the problem doesn’t always matter as some people are so sensitive that anything you say or bring attention to will send them flying off the handle or losing their self esteem and bundling up into a ball and crying on the floor.

You have to use some subtlety to get the point across as if they’re not able to face the problem they’ll probably rebel.  Take your time and ask how they’re doing and gradually come up to the discussion.  Friends who are open and discuss things easily will bring up the matter and probably ask you your advice.  If they’re kids or teenagers the worse case scenario is that they’ll be teased and ostracized by their peers.  This can lead to a major problem that escalate into fighting or other less optimum behavior patterns.

Getting Extra Help

Avoid the problem areas as best you can.  If not, think fast and if in school, notify a teacher.  It’s not ‘squealing’ it is the proper and responsible choice of actions concerning a medical condition whose manifestation has brought on socially irresponsible responses from others.  You can’t have people in the school berating others due to their looks and afflictions.

Reaching Out To Others

One way to help out with friends with acne is to talk to their parents.  One might be surprised how appreciative they’ll be that you’re concerned about their son or daughter.  Sitting down and troubleshooting the possible causes for acne could be a big help.  Since scientists don’t exactly know what causes acne it would be a good idea to go over some of the basic assumed causes such as diet, medication, hygiene, chemicals such as soaps and deodorants and hair care products.  It may be one source but it could be combination of several.  With more eyes on the problem you may find a source.  An example may be that perhaps your friend likes soda.  Let’s say the soda is what the parents suspect and have forbade them to drink any.  Well while on the way to school the kid stops by a store to load up on the stuff.  With you being an extra set of eyes you could intervene thus ceasing a bad habit that may well be the source of that particular person’s acne problem.  One can see where this is going.  It’s a matter of compassion, friendship, and responsibility that may call for much more than the average.

Overall, having a friend with an acne problem may or may not turn into a situation of turbulence but there are things you can do to help the situation remedy itself with some simple TLC.

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  1. JollySec says:

    I was one of the ‘friends with horrible acne’. Worse is, it was during my high school years, and I constantly dealt with hurtful comments from my then bully classmates. Thankfully I had some friends who were sensitive enough not to mention my bad case of acne. But they actually tried to help me cure it. But I guess it was all because of my raging teenage hormones, because everything we did was to no avail. However, when I started college, it eventually disappeared, but some scars were left. Grrr..

  2. Dian Kris says:

    Skin problems, not only acne are very common to teens which gave many of the especially girls low self esteem. Like what you have shared we as a friend must learn and try to make them feel accepted and comfortable despite of what they are having. In this very simple way they learn to trust their selves and believe that they are not the ugliest of them all. On the other hand I am very thankful to the ideas you have shared.

  3. Dennis S.Asi says:

    In my case during my puberty days,I did also experience that kind of irritating problem that causes my face looks so terrible you know acne thing,but I realize while growing up, that this really happens 80% of teenagers,because of the reasons of developing physical aspects.Now I just share this experience from others that this is not that big deal to focus on because it will subside while we grow and develop especially with good grooming cares.

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