Enhancing Your Appearance by Tanning for Special Events

People call those who pick mates based on appearance superficial, but isn’t it true that pretty girls and handsome boys have an easier time getting into relationships, getting married, and living a happy life? While most people try to reason that what’s on the inside matters most, it’s plain to see that better-looking individuals get further in both their private and professional lives than their less attractive friends. Frankly, our society is obsessed with appearance. Clothing, accessories, cosmetics, exercise, and even food are all things we have and use to enhance our looks. It’s clear that looks are much more important than we might want to admit, and in today’s world, tan is sexy.

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How can a tan help me prepare for an important event?

Tans make you appear healthier, livelier, and can enhance your existing physical features.

Image is always important–especially during a job interview. Employers will always make assumptions about you based on the way you speak, behave, and look. These assumptions help them to determine whether or not you will be fit for the job. Regardless of who you are or where you work, a simple tan can give you an edge in the looks department. Sales reps always interact with customers, for example. Do you think the employer will choose a pale, sickly individual over a tanned, healthy-looking person? Not likely. It’s bad for business because unappealing looks can leave a bad impression on the customer. Unfortunately, sex appeal does play a role in getting a job too, and statistics show that beautiful people tend to edge out the competition when it comes to landing a position.

Aside from job interviews, tanning is crucial for certain jobs in the entertainment, modeling, and fitness industries. Take swimsuit models and fitness models, for instance. These people need to be on the top of their looks game at all times because they’re half naked on the job. When competing with others that have amazing bodies, any advantage over the opponent is a plus. In addition to eating right and exercising, tanning helps to bring out definition in their bodies. It brings out curves, adds more shadow, and highlights the muscles. Tanning gives people the illusion that you look better than you actually do. That’s why professional bodybuilders always apply tanning lotion before major shows to look as ripped as possible. All of the competitions and casting calls require these individuals to look their best on stage.

For regular people who don’t have such specialized jobs, a basic tan can give you a friendly glow that makes you a lot more approachable. You will be more noticeable at social events like engagement parties, family and class reunions, night’s on the town, and more. Basically, tanning just highlights your best features to make them more apparent to others around you.

What other benefits will I gain from tanning?

Tanning may very well aid you in your personal life by making others perceive you as more attractive, but the greatest benefit you will gain from tanning is a giant boost in self-confidence. Feeling that you look good is a huge part of being confident in yourself. When you’re comfortable in your own skin, you’ll feel like conquering the world. You’ll have a greater desire to be social, to achieve more ambitious career goals, and so much more.

What types of tans can I get?

From spray tans and lotion tans to tanning beds and natural suntans, there are many ways to get the dark, sexy glow that you’ve always wanted. All of these methods will work, so it really comes down to personal preference. Lotion tans are the least expensive, but they can be hard to apply evenly. Spray tans are beautiful and even without the dangers of UV rays. Tanning beds and natural tans probably look the best, but you would be risking your health at the same time.

This post was provided by Serena Pine, a beauty guru from Toronto. She recommends Sol’exotica Tanning Spa for all your tanning needs.

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