Are You Ready For Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more common and accepted in society today. Individuals undertake surgeries for many different reasons – a tweak here or there, a brow lift to look a little younger, a tummy tuck to deal with unwanted extra weight, a breast enlargement to go up a cup size. But, cosmetic surgery isn’t something that you should enter into lightly, or without asking yourself a few questions first. Here’s a few things to consider before taking the plunge:

1)      Why are you getting the surgery?

Consider carefully why you are electing to get surgery on your body. Though there are many different reasons and personal circumstances, perhaps the biggest question to address is: are you getting surgery for yourself or somebody else? Getting surgery because a partner, friend, family member or colleague has made negative comments about your body is never the best option – cosmetic surgery will not fix the underlying problems. However, if you are choosing to change a part of your body due to something never developing, a birth issue, changes in skin or body parts after pregnancy or other strains on the body, or to enhance your self-confidence and body image, you are more likely to be content with your surgery.

2)      Are your expectations realistic?

Though it does help in many situations, cosmetic surgery doesn’t fix everything. Cosmetic surgery helps you to improve yourself, not turn into somebody else – ensure that you know exactly what you are getting yourself into, and consider the limitations of your body. For example, for those looking at breast enlargement, going from a B cup to a E cup will significantly curb your physical fitness, and is likely to cause back problems. You also must take into account the risks associated with certain surgeries, and the reality that not only might your surgery not go the way it was supposed to (in very few cases), but that you may not be happy with the end result.

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3)      Can you afford it?

Cosmetic surgery is almost never a cheap exercise, and is generally not covered by health insurance. Consider your current financial position, your income, job stability, and dependants – do you have a family or partner to support? Make sure you budget out everything for the month that you are potentially having the surgery to make sure everything will be covered. Some companies now offer financing for cosmetic surgery – which, though a positive move, can also be risky. If you do choose to pay off your surgery, ensure that you read over the terms of the payment plan extremely carefully, including interest charges and fees.

Make sure you consider each of these questions before heading to your surgeon, and ensure that you discuss every aspect of your potential surgery with the surgeon before signing on the dotted line. Cosmetic surgeries are generally permanent, and it’s a huge step.

Chloe works on behalf of Timeless Cosmetics, a surgery based in Perth, Western Australia specialising in body contouring, facial rejuvenation, and breast augmentation.

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