Are You Considering Semi-Permanent Make-Up?

Before considering semi-permanent make-up, it is important that the patient understands what is involved with the procedure and if it is the correct option for them.

What Is Involved

Semi-permanent make-up, otherwise known as cosmetic tattooing, is a treatment involving small amounts of natural and synthetic colour pigments being implanted just underneath the skin’s surface, no more than 1mm to be exact. A specialised tool is used which consists of a sterile needle, or a needle grouping. The depth all depends on the area of the face which is being treated, the eye area needs particular attention as if the penetration is too much this can cause vision problems. If semi-permanent make-up is applied to the areas around the lips or eyebrows, the depth can be increased to 2mm.

Is Semi-Permanent Make- Up Safe?

If carried out by a highly experienced and trained beauty technician the procedure will be both safe and successful. The products used will be smudge free and have long-term results, meaning that not many sessions are required.


Treatments Available

The list of treatments available is endless, the most commonly sought after are as follows;

  • Lash-line enhancement
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyebrow enhancement
  • Lip-line enhancement
  • Lip colouring

Depending on what the patient wants, the results of semi-permanent make-up can be subtle or dramatic.

What Will The Immediate Results Be?

Straight after semi-permanent make-up is applied, the results will be fairly dark but this will decrease by up to 30%, achieving a more natural look.

Recovery Time

After semi-permanent make-up there tends not to be much swelling, this is because the needles used are very fine and they are made using the latest technology. This allows for trauma and scarring to be greatly reduced, in some rare cases the patient may be required to use ice packs. Compared with other aesthetic procedures, the recovery time after having semi-permanent make-up is dramatically less.


With any medical procedure, there are some potential risks involved with semi-permanent make-up such as infection. The chance of a potential risk happening can be seriously reduced if only sterilised disposable needles are used, which are normally opened in front of the patient.

Many medical centres offer semi-permanent make-up which can help boost patients self-esteem and confidence. Just imagine being able to wake up in the morning and leave the house without applying any make-up to the face, well with this procedure this dream can become a reality.

By Sarah McDowell; a Search Consultant at @FDCStudio providing Digital Marketing Services throughout the UK, writing on behalf of Westbourne Centre who offer a wide range of medical treatments, including semi-permanent make-up in Birmingham

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