5 Tips for Enhancing Hazel Eyes

Hazel is one of the most common eye colors in the world because it covers several different hues. Basically anyone that cannot fit into another category of eye color is thrown into the hazel category. Whether you have greenish blue eyes, brownish green eyes, grayish brown eyes, or anything else in between, there are some simple techniques you can use to enhance the color of your eyes. Here are five tips to make your gorgeous goggles stand out.

hazel eyes

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1 – Use Dark Eyeliner

Dark eye liner will really bring people into your eyes and notice them for all they are worth. You could use black, navy blue, maroon, hunter green, or just about anything else that you want. Just try to stay away from pastel pinks and other shades like that. You could use a liner pencil or liquid liner, depending on what you like. The darkness is going to be the only thing that matters.

2 – Wear Purple Eye Shadow

Purple can instantly bring out a variety of eye colors, including those in hazel eyes. Your hazels may look blue with the purple, or they may look enticingly green. Either way, they are going to stand out really well on your face. Try to go for a plum color, not something that looks like the Hamburglar. This will be much more sophisticated in the end.

3 – Use Good Blush

Blush is meant to highlight the cheek bones, but it can also emphasize the eyes. The reddish tones in any blush are going to bring out the flecks of green in your eyes, and that will make them pop next to your skin. Test out a few different colors to see what works best with your skin tone.

4 – Wear Green Earrings

Green earrings will tie in with the colors of your eyes without being directly on top of them. It’s not a good idea to use green eye shadow because it will detract from the eyes, but doing this will actually make them pop even more. You might also want to try gray, blue, teal, or some other color that matches the exact shade of hazel you have. You’ll just have to play around with the options to figure out what works for you.

5 – Use Thick Mascara

Once you put on some really good mascara, everything changes. You no longer look like a little girl playing around with makeup. You look like a sex kitten ready to pounce at any moment. If you don’t have good eye lashes, get some fake ones to add on. Then you can apply the mascara and be proud of your awesome new look.


About the Author: Jillian is a full time student that’s currently living on a Ramen Noodle budget. Since all she has are scholarships and student loans to cover her costs, she has to find creative ways to make herself look good without spending a ton of money.


  1. Hazel eyes are so amazing and cute. These tips are so simple yet very interesting and easy to follow through. Well I’m not really expert in putting an eyeliner but i believe that the color you should choose must be in complement with your skin color or shade. Well for me, i like to use black because it really match my brown skin color, and I’ve been using it so much since high school until now that I’ve already graduated from college.This is just amazing..

  2. These are really helpful tips. I am not a make-up person myself but there are times when you really have to and instead of going into fake contacts just to make your eyes beautiful, these are really good tips to follow instead.

  3. This is something really new to me.I have dark hazel eyes or they are more like brown but it appears brighter because of my light complexion.Using purple as an eye shadow is actually nice,but is can white eye shadow be used also because I prefer it more. Also,blush makes my cheek stand out so probably I won’t go for that.Thank you so much for the tips,they are very practical and easy to do.

  4. Klarisse Jane Hornada says:

    Im not sure if i have hazel eyes, but I do have brown eyes. One time I bought colored contacts, hazel ones. A friend of mine said that nothing has changed since it looks the same. This article really helped me in enhancing my favorite feature. I constantly use black eyeliner to amp up my eyes. 🙂

  5. Emee Kabingue says:

    Women with such eyes are the blessed ones because they can have the best of both the worlds, when it comes to eye makeup. Their peculiar eye color makes way to a multitude of colors. With a little bit of knowhow, you can transform the hazel eyes into a sultry diva or a classic portrait model. Selecting the best suitable eye shadow for hazel eyes plays a huge role in making them beautiful. Along with the eye shadow, you should also pay attention to other makeup details including eyeliner and a complementary shade of lipstick to get the perfect hazel eye makeup.

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