5 Simple Tips to Avoid a Makeup Faux Paux

There are facial beauty tips and how-to articles all over the internet that promise to provide that one certain look, but not all women want to look exactly the same. What would be the point? Enhancing natural and unique facial features should be the objective when applying makeup. It’s time to reevaluate the contents of that cosmetic bag, once and for all. Following these simple steps can help to save even the most novice makeup artist from committing the ultimate makeup faux paux.

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Wearing the Wrong Shade of Foundation

Foundation isn’t supposed to darken skin or give it a tanned look. That’s what bronzers are for. Foundation should only smooth uneven skin tones and cover imperfections. The correct color of foundation will match the skin. When a foundation is darker than the natural skin tone, it creates lines and uneven coloring between the face and neck.

Using Lip Liner to Plump Lips

Using lip liner outside of the natural lip line to make lips seem a bit fuller might seem like a good idea. However, it tends to look like the lip liner was applied in the dark. In face-to-face interaction, it’s easy to see the natural line of the lips. When the liner is applied outside of this natural line, it’s just as obvious. To obtain fuller looking lips, simply line the outer edge of the lips, without going outside the lines, using a lip liner that matches the color of the lipstick.

Creating Cheekbones

While a lot of women would love to have a perfect bone structure; it just isn’t in the cards for everyone. Creating a chiseled bone structure with the use of dark blushes and bronzers may look fabulous in the makeup mirror at home, but it can tend to look a bit obvious in person. No matter what skin tone or facial structure, softer colors will provide a more natural, beautiful look.

Going Extra Luminous

While makeup companies seem to be adding luminous particles to every makeup product on the market, using them all together is a big no-no. It’s probably a good idea to limit the number of these products to one or two. Using luminous particles sparingly on cheekbones, the inner eye, and under the eye is okay. Going overboard can highlight wrinkles and bumps, while making the skin appear oily.

Under or Over Tweezing

The perfect eyebrow can enhance an entire look. While overgrown eyebrows can seem bushy and untamed, over-tweezed eyebrows can look unnatural and awkward. It’s best to have eyebrows professionally shaped. However, if that’s not possible, simply cleaning up the area around the eyebrows and following the natural arch is the best idea.

While it may seem counter-productive, the goal when applying makeup should be to appear as natural as possible. That being said, a 15 pound cosmetic bag is probably going a bit overboard. To obtain true facial beauty, covering up imperfections and enhancing natural features is the way to go.

Jane Mellows is now working for a beauty shop in Texas as a consultant.


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