Avoiding Stress – Tips For A Stress Free Life

Stress is a major contributor to many poor diets, health problems and oral health problems for many people.  People with chronic stress often feel more aches and pains in the body, they feel depressed and anxious over those who balance their stress. But feeling stress can affect more than just your mood, it can affect your health including your teeth.

Stress can stimulate your body and make your heart race faster. It can also cause cavities. Many people who are stressed turn to food and over eat. Stress eaters usually have more cavities than those who do not turn to sugar foods and drinks to feel better.

We live in a high-stress culture, and feeling stress out becomes the vernacular. If you are stressed out it can damage your immune system, causing larger health problems.

Naturally it is important that you protect your health and teeth by keeping your stress levels down.

Here easy ways to de-stress:

1. Quite the Mind

Taking time out daily to meditate can help you feel better. If you have never meditated you can just sit in your chair and quite your mind. If you sit all day at a desk, you can stand up and walk around for a little bit. Then sit back at your desk and reflect on the moment. Taking a time out can help.

2. Do Yoga

Yoga is an active meditation that can help unite the breath and mind. People who do yoga often feel more connected and balanced than those who do not. Yoga is an exercise that can help improve your posture and internal digestion. It will also build strength.

3. Play with nature

Spending time in nature can help you feel better. Take a long walk or relax outside. The fresh air can help you feel better.

4. Brush Your Teeth

Taking care of yourself is one way to feel better. When you do little acts of self-care, like brushing your teeth can help you feel cleaner and fresher.

6. Smile

Laughing releases feel-good endorphins, and it makes you feel better in the moment. If you are feeling down or stressed out laugh and enjoy the moment. People who smile feel better and often have a more optimistic outlook on life.

stress free

Many people don’t smile because they don’t like their teeth or the look of their smile. If you are insecure about your smile, your dentist can help. There are many procedures, and cosmetic whitening that can help.

Shannon Kaiser is an entrepreneur who balances her stress and time with yoga and taking care of herself. For more health advice visit TenderCare Dental, a dentist in North Plains.

Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/profiletree/8609485720/

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