Avoid Electromagnetic Radiation In Your Work Place!

Electromagnetic radiation has become an unavoidable part of life. Many of the devices and conveniences we rely on each day can put out small amounts of radiation that can cause damage to the body with repeated exposure over a prolonged period of time. Your work place isn’t immune to these dangers and is in fact one of the biggest sources of electromagnetic radiation in most people’s lives.

Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR for short) is dangerous because it can cause damage to the body’s cells depending on the level of exposure. The dangers of this type of radiation are just becoming known, but so far it has been linked to birth defects, health risks, headaches, insomnia, dizziness, increased stress, neurosis and many other physiological ailments by the World Health Organization. The potential effects are so great that some countries are even taking steps to limit EMR exposure to children under 18 years old.

Ways to Protect Yourself

Once you understand the dangers of EMR, it’s time to find ways to protect yourself. Essentially, you only have two options: avoid exposure or neutralize it. Avoiding exposure includes limiting the time you spend on the computer and talking on the phone, or taking frequent breaks from these activities and removing yourself from the present of the device emitting the waves.

Unfortunately, avoiding exposure isn’t always an option. If you can’t get away from EMR, it’s best to neutralize it. You can do this by using a small personal protection device such as the Aires Shield or the Aires Defender. These devices work by either neutralizing waves being emitted by a device or by protecting an individual from incoming waves from a broad spectrum of transmitters. So far, Aires Technologies is the exclusive North American provider of these technologies. If you have any doubts that EMR is real, or that your cell phone, laptop, microvawe produce dangerous amounts of it, I suggest renting, borrowing or buying an EMR meter like the COM-3010PRO and running some tests of your own. The World Health Organization has realeased multiple warnings regarding the potential side effects of using everyday electromagnetic devices such as cell phones and microwaves, most recently classifying cell phone EMR as possibly carcinogen.

Benefits of Personal Protection Devices at Work

Using personal protection devices at work is the easiest way to protect yourself against the constant barrage of EMR waves. You can place a neutralizing device on your computer and phone and use a broad spectrum neutralizer on your person. Combined, the two devices will provide plenty of protection against EMR waves without compromising your ability to do your job effectively. For the latest solutions in electromagnetic radiation neutralization in the work place check in with us for followup news stories.

Protecting yourself from harmful EMR waves should be a priority. Once you begin recognizing sources of radiation and limiting your exposure to them or neutralizing their effects, you’ll soon start feeling better. Exposure at the workplace can be particularly difficult to avoid, but technology from Aires (www.airestech.com) can help you neutralize EMR waves so you can stay safe without compromising your ability to put 100% of your efforts into work.

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By Rebecca M. Ballard – a health blogger that specializes in modern day health risks. Rebecca, is also a contributor to a variety of review communities such as Local Q & A.

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