Are All Our Organs Important For Smooth Functioning – Let Us Know

During the course of human evolution, some organs of the human body diminished in size as well as in their functions, and today we may do without them. This article takes a peep into all those organs that we do not require anymore.

According to the Charles Darwin theory, all the life that exists today has descended from a common ancestor. Further, this descent got modified over time and eventually the result today is a completely different organism. Our ancestors lived in caves, ate raw vegetables, covered themselves with leaves, hides of animals etc. Today, things are a lot different.

Further, the theory states that with evolution, the inferior species tend to eliminate. However, there are organs that have defied this aspect. Today, they do not have any major role to play in the smooth functioning of our body. Such organs are called vestigial organs and were essential for survival in earlier times, but are not important anymore.

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