An Overview of Dental Implants in Thailand

Dental implants are the latest development in tooth replacement procedures. A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is surgically submerged into the jaw to support a replacement tooth. Dental implants are very expensive and require a professional dentist to perform the procedure. That’s why traveling abroad for dental treatment is becoming a well thought-out option. Thailand is one of the leading globe destinations for modern dental travel. Opting for dental implants in Thailand is the best way to replace your lost or damaged teeth without putting additional strain on your budget.

Savings in Thailand

Dental implants in Thailand are priced very low as compared to other first world nations. You can actually save 50 to 80% on dental implants. Thailand’s dental tourism sector is very advanced and firmly supported by the Thai government. You get a chance to access top quality dental work from very cost effective dentists. The dentists are experienced and well trained. They have qualification credentials from Western universities and are fully experienced in dentistry.

There are many dental clinics in Thailand who are more than willing to work on foreign patients. The dental clinics are equipped with modest state-of-the-art equipment and are properly managed in agreement with the Western standards. These clinics work with the mission of improving the appearance and satisfying all patients who visit them at affordable cost. Additionally, there are packages offered for individuals looking for dental treatments, which include travel and lodging expenses.

Implant Options in Thailand

Thailand dental clinics provide a wide variety of dental implant procedures. This includes the Single Dental Implant, which is used to replace a tooth lost as a result of accident or injury. It is a root form implant which relies on a titanium fixture inserted into the jawbone. This type of dental implant is greatly successful with almost 100% success rate, and does not affect adjacent teeth.

The other option is Immediate Load dental implant, which is fitted during tooth extraction. This is usually a fast and easy procedure. The implant is surgically placed and the restoration is done using porcelain crowns on the same day. The other type of dental implant available in Thailand is All-on-4 implant, which is suitable for all bone quantities. It is very useful especially if you need to replace your dentures with permanent teeth. Other dental procedures available are Implant Overdenture, Full Bridge dental implants and Zygoma Dental implants, which provide a great alternative to bone grafting procedures.

Success Rate in Thailand

Dental implant procedures have been used in Thailand since the 1950s. Modern improvements in techniques have drastically increased the success rate of dental implants in Thailand. Statistics from University of Iowa College of Dentistry have shown that Thailand has a 91% success rate for upper implants and a remarkable 98% success rate for lower implants. The success rate normally depends on the amount of jawbone among other factors that include the overall health of the patient.

Dental implants provide a strong and long-lasting solution to missing or damaged teeth. The dental implants in Thailand are highest quality, and will replace your teeth with more permanent and natural looking teeth. You can enjoy holiday in Thailand and at the same time, get back that smile on your face.

John Chen is a travel writer currently located in Bangkok, Thailand.

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