Why Opt For Respite Care At Home For A Loved One?

There are many opportunities for respite care available, whether it be staying in a care home or visiting a day centre, but, one of the most popular choices involves respite care at home.

This blog looks at the reasons why many people opt for this kind of care rather than the others.

Visiting Or Live In Care

Before moving any further, it is important to emphasise that there is more than one type of respite care at home. There is a choice between daily or weekly visits known as visiting care, or something more full time such as 24 hour live-in care.

Both types offer very similar services, but 24 hour care is obviously designed for someone who needs a more dedicated level of care.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Of course one of the main reasons why people opt to use respite care at home, is the fact that the home has a lot of meaning to them.

It can be very hard to move away from a place you have lived in for many years, through good times and bad.

Home also gives people a peace of mind; they know where everything is and feel safe there.

I Want My Independence

A sentiment often echoed by young teenagers when they feel their parents are getting too bossy, but one that we equally stand by in our old age.

Often people fear that a care home may be too regimented in its approach to care, but by using respite care at home they can feel independent, in spite of the fact someone is coming in to care for them.

Many companies that specialise in providing nurses to come out to people’s homes make sure that they train them in such a way to  ensure that the person they are caring for receives the care they need, in the fashion that they want it. This gives the person the flexibility to call upon more support when needed.

respite care at home

Room Service!

It may seem a little daft to make the comparison, but if the person wishes they can simply seek housekeeping services from their live-in carer much like someone might use room service in a hotel. This can include everything from cooking to doing the laundry.

A Tailor Made Chum

Moving in to a care home can be awkward as personalities can clash and you may just be happy to stick with a circle of people you know.

By staying at home, old friends and relatives can visit you as usual. With a live-in carer, many of the companies responsible for finding such a carer will try to match their interests to yours as much as possible. This covers the choice of gender, matching hobbies and even finding someone who is willing to look after your pets for you.

Of course making the decision to seek care in any shape or form is a big one, so it is well worth the time to sit down and discuss things through with family members, or alternatively one of the agencies that operate in your area and provide respite care at home.

Louisa Jenkins is a care advisor who provides advice on UK care options available, including respite care at home and short term care.

Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/41260125@N05/6173669324/

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