Stop Aging – Keep Learning! Five Fun and Easy Ways

We are all becoming more and more health conscious, and taking care of our physical health gets more important as we grow older.  But we have to be sure to not only take care of our physical health, but to keep our mental health in tip-top shape as well.  While keeping your body healthy will also keep your brain healthy (studies have shown that exercise helps mental as well as physical functioning, and many nutrients, especially the B family of vitamins, are key to mental health), you have to take a few extra steps to sharpen aging grey matter as well.

  1. Learn a second (or third) language. Scientists have found that certain regions in the brain are actually larger in people who speak more than one language than in monoglots, and that they are mentally more acute.
  2. Take a course. Learning in general has a strong beneficial impact on all brains. The brain is a muscle, and needs to be exercised, just like the body. Those who continue educating themselves, in one form or another, have less incidence of old age senescence. Yes, the use it or lose it philosophy is in play in the brain as well.
  3. Do cross word puzzles or word games. Language related exercises (even if it is your own language) actually protect the brain. Using your brain to dig up vocabulary, words and images from its past is actually a form of exercise that stimulates the brain to become strong, and not only in verbal skills, but in other cognitive skills as well, such as orientation and memory.
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  5. Organize an event or function.  If you have decided to do some volunteering in your retirement (and if you haven’t, do), one of the best brain stimulators you can engage in is to set up a function from beginning to end. The varied skills involved, such as planning a venue, inviting people, setting up speakers, working through the logistics and being involved in the physical setup touch on every aspect of a healthy brain, and will stimulate yours further.
  6. Most of the above steps also add one other benefit to the mix: socialization. People who continue to socialize as they grow older age better, which helps them both physically and mentally. Meeting new people, especially the vital and vibrant ones you are more likely to meet in language class, night school or at volunteer events is an enjoyable and invaluable way to keep your mind young.

One of the most important things about learning is that you will be socializing with other people.  Click this site to learn how to do a background check on anyone you will be spending a lot of time with.

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